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Potty training a really heavy wetter HELP please.

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Julezboo Wed 18-Sep-13 11:13:36

DS is 3 in January. He has been using potty at home now for about 6 months.

We are awaiting Urine test results to see if anything is underlying. But basically because he drinks so much, his beaker hold 450 mls and we fill this every 30 mins or so. Been told not to restrict his drinking just in case he does have an underlying problem. Obviously this means he is a really heavy wetter. He has nappy on all night and it falls off as soon as he stands up because its so heavy. In the day, if we are at home, i empty potty every 20 mins or so, he is really good at using it. BUT we havent been brave enough to try him out and about without nappies.

Any advice? Should we hold off. Problem I have is, hes starting nursery attatched to school in Jan after his birthday and needs to be about of nappies in the day completely by then!

lorisparkle Wed 18-Sep-13 13:27:20

I personally would use pull ups if out and about with the amount and frequency until any medical issue is resolved. We have a pottette which I love for using out and about and this would help with finding a toilet quickly and it does not need emptying. If there is a medical issue I am sure nursery would understand and you may get referred to a continence nurse for ideas.

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