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don't think she's ready, doesn't want to wear nappy

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neverendingjoy Tue 17-Sep-13 08:30:38

Hi all, am looking for any advice regarding my 2 year old. She has recently started going to nursery part time, where quite a few toddlers are being potty trained (they are all a few months older than her though) and she has wanted me to take her nappy and clothes off at home a couple of times.

She has a potty as I was thinking of giving potty training a go over the summer, but we were travelling quite a lot and I didn't think it was a good time to push it- plus she never actually did anything on the potty and didn't have much interest in it at that point.

Anyway now she will sit on the potty but doesn't seem to connect actually doing anything on it, so this morning she is running about naked and has done a wee on the sofa and in the high chair. I didn't want to potty train her right now as I am pregnant and new baby is due next month and friends have advised me not to start as she will regress when new baby comes and it could cause big problems later on. I know with starting nursery and the new baby this is maybe not a good time but she is refusing to wear a nappy right now, I have put it on her a couple of times and she just takes it off again. Any ideas?!

lljkk Tue 17-Sep-13 09:06:38

There's no promise she'll regress, you can't predict how she'll respond to baby. I would play around with it right now but not have many expectations. Do you have a hard-floor area of the house you can confine her to for nappy free times?

If she runs around for an hour without nappy, can she go all that time without weeing at all? (this is minimum required)
Does she show any signs of knowing she needs to go?
If she sits on the potty can she produce a wee when you think she's due (or does she spontaneously go some time later)?

If she won't wear nappy I would keep her to hard-floors for sure, she can't go to carpet places until she proves she can wee on the pot.

neverendingjoy Tue 17-Sep-13 13:36:41

Thanks for responding, the whole house is hard-floors so the carpet thing is not a problem. I don't think she can go an hour without weeing at all, I will give it a try but I have never known her go that long. No she doesn't show signs of needing to go and she has never weed on the potty, she will go later if I try to put her on it when I think she will need it. I think I will humour her and let her have some nappy free time if she wants it and talk about toilet stuff regularly but I will not try to force it as she isn't showing many signs of being ready.

lljkk Tue 17-Sep-13 15:33:20

An hour as minimum for sure. If she can't hold it that long there's truly no point in trying.

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