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Help! Going backwards...

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MummyMF Sun 15-Sep-13 22:37:33

Hi there

I wondered if anyone could provide any advice? My daughter is 3 next week and has been potty trained in the day for about 6 months and she took to it really easily and never has an accident in the day and can go to the toilet on her own.

She has been potty trained at night for about 4 months now and first of all she was great- she goes to sleep about 7.30pm and has a wee before she goes to bed and then before i got to bed about 10pm I 'dream wee' her- i carry her to the toilet and she does another wee and then is dry until the morning. My friend gave me this advice of dream weeing before she goes to sleep.

For the first 3 months this worked well and she would wake up dry 6 out of 7 mornings a week.

However over the last month she has been wetting the bed almost every night- some nights she sleeps through it and some nights she will come and tell me she has wet the bed.

I have spoken to her about it in the day of how she can come and get me if she needs a wee and she says she will but this hasn't happened.

I am getting drained of washing her bed sheets every night and now i don't know what to do? Did i take her out of nappies at night to early? But she was fine for the first 3 months? Or should i put nappies back on her?

My husband thinks she is doing it for attention (as she is starting nursery next week and i am pregant) and i shouldn't talk to her about it but i don't understand what's going wrong!

Please help!

valiumredhead Sun 15-Sep-13 23:08:21

Have you ruled out a uti?

There's a school of thought that potting your child is counter productive.

Maybe she's regressing a bit because of the changes, I'd just pop her into pull ups and play it really low key.

There is nothing you can do, she'll get there eventually, just make sure she doesn't have an infection.

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