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Another 'she won't poo on her potty' thread <sigh>

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ellesabe Sun 15-Sep-13 20:46:15

Started potty training on Monday and she's done really well with the wees. Dry since day 3.

However, she is freaking out about doing a poo. She knows when she is doing it and will start to say "Mummy I need a poo" but is always slightly too late and by the time we get to the potty she has already left a huge smear in her pants and won't produce anything else until she's off the potty and in a clean pair of knickers. Then the same thing happens ten minutes later.

She sometimes refuses to sit on the potty if she needs to poo, gets a bit upset etc. Sometimes she will sit on it with lots of encouragement but never produces anything.

Should I just be pleased that she is at least telling us that she wants to go? Even if it's usually too late? I know she'll get there eventually but it is very draining and upsetting at the moment. She basically spent all afternoon today pooing in her knickers and then holding the rest in until the next time. All afternoon sad

We are trying to keep it all really positive, giving chocolate buttons for the tiniest of successes, reading her potty book etc etc...any other advice?

bron226 Mon 16-Sep-13 23:50:38

hello i know this feeling 2yr old has been using the potty at home for a while now, shes really good with wee's on the potty and gets so excited with herself, we praise her and she helps to clean and wash the potty after..... she just wont poo in it she will always wait until she has a nappy. we have left it longer and longer before putting a nappy on when she needs to go but she will hold on until she makes herself poorly. we have decided to just be happy at the speed she is going and not get to stressed over it as it only makes things worse. in time she will realise there's nothing scary about pooping in her potty! we never used bribes for potty training, we just didnt like the idea of giving her chocolate or sweets every time she wee's, but it works for some people. just keep doing what your doing and she will get there in the end. good luck x

sillyoldfool Tue 17-Sep-13 00:05:17

I was given the tip of getting them to blow bubbles (with bubble mixture and a wand) whilst on the toilet if they are withholding. It is apparently impossible to withhold when you're blowing out. Worked well for us, only had to do it a few times before dd got over the fear of pooing on the toilet.

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