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When to potty train

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Fazerina Fri 13-Sep-13 09:40:17

DS is 2.4 and most of the other toddlers I know of similar age are already out of nappies. Hence I'm now exceedingly starting to get comments about DS being in pull-ups.

I'm not sure if he's ready to give potty training a go. He is aware of poos and goes in a different room to do it and gets really upset if I go there when he's in the middle of it. Mind you, after he's finished pooing, he just carries on like normal, it doesn't seem to bother him at all! Yesterday morning, I had taken a shower and was just about to change his nappy so he was pottering about naked. All the sudden, he came to the bathroom saying "Mummy poo" so I handed him the potty thinking maybe he wanted to use it, but instead he took me to the living room by the hand to show me he'd done a poo on the floor shock! Thankfully we have laminated flooring..

With wees, he doesn't seem to notice when it comes if he doesn't have a nappy on. Well, he does stop whatever he is doing at the moment to wee and then points to the floor and says "water". Also, he doesn't mind a wet nappy.

Should I give it a try or would you wait a few more months? I just don't want it to take several months and have him poo his pants in the middle of playing in the park, which just happened to one of his friends last week..

Yamyoid Fri 13-Sep-13 14:22:18

My ds didn't do it until nearly 4. The HV recommended trying from 2.6 yrs for a boy but that was too early for mine.
With hindsight, I wish I'd not worried about what others were doing and reassured myself that he'd get there in the end, in his own time.
I reckon, give it a go if you want, but don't push. By leaving it till they're totally ready, the whole process is a lot quicker and easier.

MotherofBear Fri 13-Sep-13 14:29:12

I tried mine at 2.5, and he literally screamed when I put pants on or put him on the potty. I tried again just after he turned 3, and he got it within a week.
I agree with Yamyoid - try it if you like, but if he's not ready then wait till he is. Much less distressing for you and your DS.
Don't worry about what everyone else is doing. Your DS is his own person, he'll do things to his timescale, not anyone else's.
Good luck.

Rowanred Fri 13-Sep-13 14:35:50

I think about 2. They should definitely be toilet trained by 3 though, barring special needs!

Yamyoid Fri 13-Sep-13 19:53:01

hmm [sceptical]]

Yamyoid Fri 13-Sep-13 19:53:30

Oops [sceptical]

Yamyoid Fri 13-Sep-13 19:54:13

Ffs confused

Fazerina Sun 15-Sep-13 19:34:02

Hello all and sorry for the late reply! Thank you for taking the time to reply. Love the emoticons Yamyoid smile !

Yes I'm overall very determined to do everything at DS's own pace, I don't really mind what other children do and when. It's just a bit puzzling, because many of the mums, whose kids I've seen that have been toilet trained say that they didn't really notice any particular signs of readiness. But then again, many of the children I've seen still have accidents every once in a while even after several months of being in pants, so I wonder if it's really worth it confused ..

monim1 Tue 17-Sep-13 05:45:27

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