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Terrible day 1 potty training a 3 yr old!!!

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DumDum32 Thu 22-Aug-13 16:06:54

Little one starts back at nursery next week who pretty much said she had to potty trained before re-starting sad

So i decided to start her off today. I wanted to give her a week but shs has been poorly with temp fod last few days.

she has been sitting on the potty for half an hour & cried the whole time. So i just took her off & of course she has decided to piss all over the carpet!!!!

im feeling so stresssed out :'(

Everyone around me keeps commenting that she should be potty trained.

Im keeping her in pants & will sit her on the potty every 15 mins.

Oh my god just while typing she has decided to pooh! Arghhhhhhhh angry

ReallyTired Fri 23-Aug-13 12:57:21

Most children take at least a week to potty. However some children find learning to use the toilet harder and need longer. Unless there are major special needs the majority of children are biologically ready by the age of three.

Many parents have unrealistic expectations and give up far too quickly. It takes time for child to understand that they need to antisipate that they need a wee more than 5 seconds before the flood. They need time to learn their body's signals. For three years your child has been trained to wee in their clothes and all that needs to be unlearnt.

Even when a child has got the general idea they often have the occassional accident if they are very tired or really engrossed in playing. I imagine the nursery want your child to start toilet training so that she is reliable when she starts reception.

Legally neither a pre school nor a mainstream school can refuse a child in nappies. However if your child is not toilet trained by four years old then she may experience nasty comments from another child.

DumDum32 Fri 23-Aug-13 13:37:03

Really tired - your right i was ready to give up yesterday but thanks to all the lovely helpful advise from everyone on here i felt so much better/stronger by the end of day. I think i was putting too much pressure on myself & her. Today ive had care free attitude & honestly feel so much easier with doing the whole thing. Or it could just be be the piece of chocolate ive just had LOL

So we have had one wee accident but ive just managed to succesfully get her to sit on the loo to do a pooh just now. Im absolutely thrilled as it has happened tears free smile

valiumredhead Fri 23-Aug-13 14:07:43

Choc buttons were order of the day in our house too!grin

gintastic Fri 23-Aug-13 14:12:57

Yeah, we used chocolate as well. Works great! Started out with 1 for a wee and 3 for a poo. Once that was mastered (2 weeks? Ish I think), cut it back to nothing for a wee and 1 for a poo. Then I 'forgot' to take them out with me a few times and gradually we weaned off the chocolate.

Mosschopz Fri 23-Aug-13 15:02:14

I had a day 1 like that with DS (3 in Oct) on Monday when we started. What worked for us (by Wednesday) was sitting him on the potty with the iPad/iPhone and his favourite programme. He kind of drifted off and forgot to hold it in, might help you, don't know...

DumDum32 Fri 23-Aug-13 17:06:43

Mosschopz - great idea she loves watching children's stuff on YouTube!

We have had 2 accidents since the last successful pooh but I have dealt with it quite calmly and explained to her she must tell me when she wants to go wee-wee next. she replied "Yes Mommy" so I know she understands. I'm feeling happy at this acknowledgment from her as it's the first time she has uttered the words "Yes Mommy" smile I know I'm getting happy at tiny things & must sound proper MAD to you guys right now!

DumDum32 Mon 26-Aug-13 16:02:08

So i feel like a prize fool blush Turns out DD does not start nursery until next week so we still have a whole week to mess about with. The stupid voices in my head had me convinced it was this week angry

ive been poorly over the past day so stopped potty training. Feeling a bit better today so hopefully we will give it another try tomorrow smile

bloosn Mon 09-Sep-13 10:18:10

Hmmmmm....just to balance things up, I'm a father and I've taken two weeks off work to potty train my daughter.

There have been as couple of comments about discrimination by nurseries. There are laws against certain types, these are race, sex, religion and sexual orientation. Aside from these in a free society you can discriminate against whoever you like.

You might get away with "indirect discrimination" if you have a boy and boys have been medically proven to take longer to be potty trained, I think that that might make you a a legal trailblazer though.....

monim1 Tue 17-Sep-13 05:53:34

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