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What is the next step?

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maggiethemagpie Tue 30-Jul-13 19:46:28

DS 2.5 years old, have just started potty training by putting him on the potty after every meal and rewarding him when he does a wee. He now does a wee pretty quickly so looks like it is becoming automatic. Where do we go from here? He poos around once a day usually in the morning but can be anytime from when he wakes up til lunchtime so how to 'catch' that one, as don't want to have accident, they are still very sloppy poos.
Also at what point do I let him go for a while without his nappy, as I realise I need to do that at some point but not sure if that is next step.


chattychattyboomba Tue 30-Jul-13 21:07:27

DD is 2.3. This is how we have been doing it... Potty in every bathroom and one downstairs (3).
We made sure she was ready- understood when she was going or needed to by telling us. Knows how to remove pants. Enjoys sitting on the potty and can stay there for more than a few seconds.
I spent a week at home pretty much, (with the exception of quick trips to the shop etc) letting her take herself to the potty whenever she needed, then I attempted the knickers out trip... First day out, no mistakes, second, 2 mistakes, third, none (even though she had a bit of a runny tummy)... Today she did two wees in her pants, both times after I had just literally asked her if she needed to go. I think her immediate response was 'no' but when she thought about it, brought on the urge. I will be taking her regardless in future at every opportunity.
We still do nappies for nap time.
She doesn't like wee wee or poo poo pants (the feeling) so when mistakes happen it's a good deterrent.
HTH... Bring plenty of spare pants+trousers and nappy sacks (for soiled clothes)

maggiethemagpie Wed 31-Jul-13 10:37:50

Thanks. I am expecting my second child in 8 weeks so not sure if I should even be attempting to do this now or just leave it for a bit, as once the new baby comes I won't have the time or energy to do this for a few months, and DS may be unsettled by the new arrival.

What do you think?

chattychattyboomba Wed 31-Jul-13 11:47:01

Yes it's definitely your call- whatever makes life easier i say, sometimes too many changes can be unsettling. I bought the Gina Ford book 'potty training in one week'... Some people hate her advice but everything she said made sense to me with regards to readiness.
We have a few things we need to phase out
We started by taking the sides off her cot
Then potty training
Next will be dummy gone- she has it to help her get to sleep...
Then we will tackle getting her to drink her growing up milk from a tippy cup (not a bottle).
We are leaving that until last as all other attempts have failed, but spacing them out until she's secure enough to handle one thing at a time.
It's like they've from babies to little kids over night! I am thinking will follow her lead as they are only small for such a short space of time, and if they are content, you will be too.
Congrats on number 2 btw! thanks

maggiethemagpie Wed 31-Jul-13 14:17:43

I have a great tip for dummies - our son was completely dummy dependent for all his naps not just at night and also wouldn't let me change his nappy without his dummy in. We started off making some holes in the dummy to reduce the suction, after a few days cut the very tip off and then every few days cut it a little more. Within 2 weeks there was hardly any dummy left and he whinged about once, but has more or less accepted it and now doesn't ask for his dummy at all (it was attached to one of those bunnies which he wouldn't go anywhere without, now this has been cast aside in favour of George peppa pig)
I was astounded as thought we'd have major battle on our hands. I guess the acid test will be if he tries to take his new baby sister's dummy out of her mouth when she's here!

chattychattyboomba Thu 01-Aug-13 18:46:29

Sorry forgot to reply! Thanks. Have mentioned your tip to DH and he seems on board so will need to coordinate our plan of attack and then stick to it! Lol. Good luck with potty training! We had a number 2 accident today... She went and hid behind the buggy! Think she was constipated (day 2) so might wanted to work on it alone! Lol!!!

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