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Toilet requests at bedtime

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DIYandEatCake Mon 29-Jul-13 23:05:33

My dd had a phase of this. I used to have a rule that once she was in bed, she'd have one chance to go to the toilet, no more, and I kept it very brief, go and then quick back to bed (none of the usual hand washing faffing etc). Happily the phase only lasted about a week. Be warned/prepared, she also liked making frequent toilet requests during mealtimes...

BrookeDavies Mon 29-Jul-13 21:02:09

So, started toilet training today (went straight to toilet due to DDs constant desire to do everything herself - which i'm sure would include emptying the potty)

Anyway, not a bad start - 50/50 accidents followed by successes but at bedtime she kept asking to go to the toilet, which I'm sure were just bedtime delaying tactics. So I let her go twice and then afterwards told her she'll have to wait till morning.

Did I do the right thing?? Have I ruined the days quite stressful hardwork?

Mumsnet, would should I have done?

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