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Not emptying bladder

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Tailtwister Sun 28-Jul-13 18:51:57

I started potty training DS2 (3) last wed and it's going ok so far. He's doing plenty of wees and some poos in the potty and has successfully gone when were out over the weekend too.

The issue is that he does a wee, but doesn't seem to empty his bladder. Then a little while later he has an accident. We have tried to encourage him to stay for longer on the potty, but he is adamant he doesn't have any more to do. We have also tried to encourage him to try frequently, but he often says he doesn't need to go and then again has an accident.

Any tips? We really feel he is ready and don't want to turn back now. He's also about to start pre-school (not a new thing, he's just going up a class and already attends the same nursery 2 days) and they are keen he's potty trained by then, although it's not a deal breaker. He does drink quite a lot, so this may be a factor too.

All advice is very much appreciated.

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