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signs she's ready? ...

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ThreesyDoesIt Sat 27-Jul-13 19:50:58

dd3 is 18months old next week, and for a while now tells us if she's doing a peepee or a poopoo in her nappy, recently she has started going to get a clean nappy and wipes herself and asking for it on. if she's going nappy freein the house she will announce loudly before peeing on the floor. years since I potty trained my other 2 so feeling out of touch.

Does this come across as ready to start introducing a potty?

DIYandEatCake Sun 28-Jul-13 03:14:52

You won't lose anything by introducing the potty and letting her have a go, might as well try! I'd do it casually though, and see if she seems interested - just explain what it's for and leave it handy during nappy free time.

ThreesyDoesIt Sun 28-Jul-13 11:14:15

thanks feeling so out of touch with it. but was thinking the same, can't hurt to introduce a potty, ive ordered her a nice seat potty so hopefully she finds it comfortable as my other two hated normal pottys they used the toilet fairly quickly.

AwkwardAnnie Sun 28-Jul-13 11:33:39

Yep definitely sounds ready. We're about to do it with DS. He's 22 months and tells us when he's done a poo... or takes his trousers and nappy off and assumes the position. I wouldn't mind if he got the change mat out first... hmm

My Mum used to sit us on the potty at every bottom change from the time we could sit up, or if she saw us trying to poo she'd quickly whip our nappies off and sit us on the potty. (Their house is very warm and all the grandkids tend to walk round just in vests there.)

My Mum was a child minder and now looks after my brother's 3 kids. All the kids were using the potty most of the time by 18months-2 and most were nappy free during the day not long after.

Nowadays it's called Elimination Communication. Back when we were kids and in terry towel nappies it was called common sense. smile

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