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Potty training when WOHM?

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Cleanandclothed Fri 26-Jul-13 13:03:13

Well, first thing is don't get too stressed about it. And if you can manage the journey (will come on to that later) the holiday may be a good time to do it.

The first thing is to attune yourself to the frequency and cues that she needs the potty. This is easiest to do when you are around for a few days, and even better if she can run around naked. Then, because she sounds reasonably happy to sit on the potty, try to get her to sit on it at appropriate times as you have learned she needs it (immediately after sleep, 10-20 minutes after food, and every 2 hours or so).

See how that goes. If you are lucky she will have very few 'accidents'. If not then your decision to carry on at weekends, or leave it a while.

You can do all of that while she is still wearing nappies - you don't have to put pants on her straight away - the aim being that the nappies start to stay dry and clean.

Re the journey - I know quite a few people who have put their DC back into nappies for things like long journeys, theatre trips etc. I think if they are ready then they won't get 'confused', nor upset by an 'accident' the thing that might upset them is if they tell you they need to go and you say no, do it in your nappy now. But if you talk to them before hand, plan regular stops, and anticipate when and the frequency with which they need to go (see above) that should be fine.

And then tell nursery and grandparents what you are doing - perhaps see how they go with her in nappies but trying to treat her as if she was wearing pants, and take it from there.

Worked for me - I never did the 'cold turkey' thing!

Best of luck

Deliaskis Fri 26-Jul-13 12:44:20


DD is approaching 2.5 and is showing lots of interest in potty training, but I'm unsure how to get started, particularly as I work 5 days a week. I've been waiting until we come back from our holiday in a couple of weeks because it involves long car journeys and I didn't want to have partial success then confuse it by not being able to access a toilet for long periods of time.

Stage she's at is she's showing lots of interest, does a wee on the toilet (on trainer seat) at bathtime, takes off her own nappy to do that, knows what I do when I use the loo etc. and tells me just before she needs to do a poo and I think just at the moment she is doing a wee.

So I think it's worth a go, but as I work 5 days a week, she's in three different childcare settings: Mon nursery, Tues Grandma, Wed Nanna, Thurs & Fri nursery.

I'm worried about how to get all three places doing the same thing at the same time and not confusing DD. I'm pretty sure nursery will do exactly when I ask and so will Grandma, Nanna is a bit of a loose canon to be honest and might do things 'her' way, but I'm not sure how much of a problem this might be.

And then I am of course with DD at the weekend and am worried that I might even be the one with less of a clue of how to do this, and what stage she's up to.

Help! Any other full time WOHM Mums with any experience/advice to share?


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