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hotdog74 Thu 25-Jul-13 13:08:34


DD is 2.8, we started using the potty first thing Tuesday morning and she seems to have got the hang of things really well. Was using the potty independently from late afternoon on the first day, and yesterday after a shaky start used the potty independently from about 11am (after 2 accidents) and was completely dry for the rest of the day including 2 poos. So all good and going on the right direction.

The problem is that she seems to only be able to do this if she is not wearing pants. All her accidents have happened when we have put her in pants - it's as though once she can feel the pants she doesn't think she needs to use the potty any more. We have tried to explain to her and remind her and she says she understands she still needs to use the potty but then goes and wets her pants.

So does anyone have any pearls of wisdom? Is this common? How can we get her to understand that she needs to do the same things when she has pants on?

I know from reading some threads on here that she has done really well so far considering it is only day 3 - but how can we get her to progress? I'm reluctant to stray too far from home yet as she will not tell me she needs the potty, just takes herself so nowhere near reliable for trips out!

Thank you :-)

angelabbie Thu 25-Jul-13 21:59:46

no advice but just to say I am having exactly the same problem and I do not think it is at all unusual. I am thinking he will just get it over the next week or so.

Good luck

hotdog74 Fri 26-Jul-13 09:27:19

Thank you,

I think you might be right - I just need to be a bit persistent and patient! Hope your little one gets it very soon :-)

cheekyginger Fri 26-Jul-13 22:17:19

My DS is not quite there jet but have been asking various friends with kids advice before it all kicks off.
I have heard from various people that you can buy toweling pants (sure ive seen some in tesco) that have plastic on the outside. The theory being that it will hold the pee in the pants and make the kids feel wet, leave them for a few minutes while explaining it doesnt feel nice to have pee in your pants etc, then change then into dry ones. Dont think they would be particularly comfy to wear. A couple of accidents later and i think that most children would understand quite quickly that their pants are not nappies.

Good luck. Think i will be a few months yet till im at this stage, so i'll keep an eye on your thread smile

hotdog74 Sat 27-Jul-13 18:18:39

Well we are on day 5 today. She seemed to be doing well, telling me she needs a wee even when wearing pants - great we've cracked it I think.

But now she is starting to poo her pants! She had done all poos in the potty for the last 4 days and now on day 5 has decided that if she has to wee in a potty with pants on she might as well poo in them - grrrrrrrrr.

Am hoping that maybe on day 6 the poos might click as the wees seem to have done today. I really am not enjoying this potty training lark at all - and I wonder when I can relax and know that she has it sussed reliably........ I have bought a potette travel potty today as it will fit into the change bag and have no idea how I would get out of the house otherwise - but we have been in the house 5 days now and I am going a bit stir crazy!

Still I must stay positive - she has made so much progress since day 1 so there is definitely no going back for us now - just have to keep going :-)

Good luck to all of you going through the potty training adventure......

mikkii Sat 27-Jul-13 19:46:32

It always takes a bit longer for them to learn to control the poos.

DD2 has now cracked the pants lark (2.9). Some children have a regular time, which means you can put them on the potty at the relevant time. DD2 did not so it was a case of watching for her "poo" face (being standing still and deep concentration!) and rushing her to the potty.

Some people advocate cheap pants and throwing them away rather than scrubbing them, but I have always just scrubbed with washing up liquid and then soaked them if necessary.

Good luck

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