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So, Day one. Did we do ok?

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sleepcrisis Thu 25-Jul-13 08:13:05

Thanks. Well so far he has wanted his pants on, proudly shown them to daddy etc. he asked for port for poo 3 times and on the third time he went. No accidents so far and no wee at all - that has to be coming soon as he had a big cup of milk an hour ago. I have him a star on a chart for his poo and when daddy came down he showed him proudly so I think he is a bit more excited about it - but I can see him getting bored and fed up very quickly.

LisaThope555 Wed 24-Jul-13 22:50:05

I think Gina Ford's 1 week is optimistic - particularly in a young starter (my DD was about 1yr11months when we started).

If you think he is getting bored try stickers for success, if they motivate him.

Personally - and you will get some strong opinons on this - I don't think stopping and restarting lots helps them. Maybe see what he wants to do in the morning - does he want his pants or his nappy? Anything like my DD he will make his own mind up!! smile

sleepcrisis Wed 24-Jul-13 19:42:26

DS has only recently turned two but has been showing all the right signs for a while. Tbh I started today on a bit of a whim (decided at 8am!) as we had nothing planned for the next few days but beginning to think i was a bit hasty (we have holiday planned for monday involving 2 hr ferry and 2 hr drive - eek!)

So he 'performed' 4 times and had 5 accidents. Is that ok?

He only asked to go once, and that was for a poo and a wee. He was pleased with that - so was I!

Every other time he went it was because I had put him on the potty, either while I was having a wee or once or twice while we were reading books I asked him to sit on the potty for a story. I asked him/sat him on it about every 20 mins which was probably too often.

Each accident was acknowledged by him while he was doing the wee. 'uh oh, oh dear, wee wee' etc.

Lots of praise for sitting on potty etc. Have read Gina Ford who says I should have more successes than accidents on the first day but that hasn't happened.

And also He seemed to get quite fed up of me asking if he needed the potty and got a bit resistant towards the end of the day.

Maybe I should be a bit more led by him tommorrow and not ask so often.

So should I persevere or quit now bearing in mind the trip next week. I am not that bothered about accidents but he is so energetic and on the move that the change of pants palava, no matter how quick, bothers him more.

Would like to hear some opinions, thanks.

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