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little girl crying when she does a poo on the toilet??? HELP

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drench13 Wed 24-Jul-13 18:39:37

can someone please help my little girl is potty trained for wee's and is full potty trained at night! she will do a poo on the toilet but when she does she starts crying and will not stop. I tried everything telling her its ok don't worry that's she's a big girl and everyone poo's on the toilet that its a good thing! anyone heard of this before, also the big problem is nursery because she will not go for a poo on the toilet only in her nickers??????????

bunchofposy Wed 24-Jul-13 19:20:30

Hi, my DD has major poo issues so I don't have many answers, but when mine was crying when pooing it was because it hurt her - I wonder if witholding at nursery (which sounds normal to me, at least for my DD it is) is making it a bit harder for her?

We ended up at the doctor, he said it wasn't bad constipation but gave us movicol to help it not hurt.

Obviously it might not be that but I do really sympathise, it's horrible seeing them cry when pooing! x

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