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Opinions please, is DD ready to train?

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flootshoot Wed 24-Jul-13 09:13:48

DD is 2y 4months and is very <ahem> independent. (Think rage if I try and help with, well, anything hmm grin).

She is still in nappies but will often taken them off after weeing/pooing and present them to me, telling me what she's done. She will take herself to the toilet, undress sit on the toilet or potty and then dress herself again afterwards, but she has yet to actually produce anything on the toilet or potty. its like she cant quite work out how to relax and 'let it come'!

We do a lot of nappy off time at home and generally she will hold wee in until I put a nappy back on and then go immediately. A few times she's said 'wee wee' but refused to sit on the loo, and eventually wee'd on the floor. We've just moved from a flat to a house with a garden and on the one occasion that has happened so far she went into the garden to wee. IMO I think she's probably ready but I don't know how to get her to 'perform' on the loo. I suspect once I've cracked that she will be trained almost immediately. I don't want to upset her or force the matter though. And part of me thinks she has enough self awareness to sort of train herself over time...?

Any advice/opinions welcome. smile

whymummywhy Wed 24-Jul-13 09:28:04

Straight to pants and a sticker or whatever floats her boat for each 'performance'...sounds v ready...good luck!

flootshoot Wed 24-Jul-13 09:38:07

Yikes. Really? Was hoping you'd say, no no leave it for another 6 months! grin

<steels self>

flootshoot Thu 25-Jul-13 17:14:40

Sooo... started today, went very well this morning. DD refused the potty but then came and told me she needed a wee and insisted that I hold her on the big toilet. She weed, I made a HUGE fuss and this happened twice more. Fast forward to this pm and she's insisting on holding herself on the big toilet (which she's just too small to manage) and she's now refusing to go since she's basically falling down the loo. Sigh. I miss training DS, he's so lazy he would happily just let me help him!!

FoFeeFiMum Thu 25-Jul-13 17:59:56

OP, I'm having an almost identical issue myself (personality of DD and potty lazy older DS included!).

This week DD (2.3) is having pants time as often as possible. Following months of her routinely sitting on the potty at bathtime and not producing anything. Yesterday she was dry for 4 hours, despite drinking plenty, and she happily sat on the potty at different points but would not wee - by bathtime she was holding her hand between her legs and saying it hurt!

She did have a phase of refusing her nappy a few months ago and ended up wetting herself twice which seemed to be really quite traumatic for her (far more so than for DS when he trained) and I wonder if this is the cause of her refusal to 'let go'.

I was thinking maybe I should stop and wait but given she is displaying better bladder control than I have I'm sure she is ready, and reading the above I'm more determined to keep going. We're going to be homebased next week so it will be 100% pants!

My son uses an inset toilet seat with handles to give him extra stability - though it doesn't fit all toilets. The hole is nice and small even for a 2yr old girl bottom.

Good Luck to you and DD!

flootshoot Thu 25-Jul-13 18:16:15

Yes I think we need toilet seats. We had a toilet seat with a built in child seat in our flat but we've just moved to rented accomm and we now have two toilets without. I'm planning a trip to poundland or similar to get some. She would be fine if she wasn't so bloody determined to do everything herself!!

Ledkr Thu 25-Jul-13 18:18:54

My dd will only use the toilet. She is unimpressed by pottys grin

flootshoot Thu 25-Jul-13 18:29:09

It's do frustrating when you KNOW they're capable but they're so bloody stubborn. DS is a PITA but I'll say this for him, he certainly isn't obstinate.

FoFeeFiMum Sat 27-Jul-13 16:36:29

I do get so frustrated at her refusal (not least because I had stupidly mentally prepared myself for DD training earlier than DS, being a girl and being a second child).

After much wailing, tears, running snot and trashing around yesterday because I wouldn't get her a nappy when she got to bursting, I have decided it is not worth the stress and given up decided to use reverse psychology and wait for her to tell me she wants to wear pants.

In the meantime we are redoubling efforts to 'normalise' potty usage with another 2 books on the subject, another trip to buy big girl knickers, accompanied trips with me to the loo etc

24hrs in and nothing yet smile

flootshoot Sun 28-Jul-13 22:59:37

We're doing ok. A few accidents (mostly when distracted/after big drinks), but most wees on the toilet. She is getting there!

FoFeeFiMum Tue 30-Jul-13 08:58:11

Well Done Miss Flootshoot!

We are still in nappies and have completely stopped asking to wear pants grin

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