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DD asking for nappy when she needs to go

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eversomuch Tue 23-Jul-13 11:50:23

It's our second day of full-on potty training. DD (28m) does well in the morning when she's happy to run around without a nappy or underpants on. But by 10am she's telling me she wants a nappy. I think she knows she has to go but is holding it in, even though she's been casually going in the potty off and on for the last couple of months, often completely on her own. She usually has a nap around 10.30, so she gets a nappy then and wakes up announcing that she's gone in her nappy.

I'm being careful not to make her feel pressured; have been positive, enthusiastic, tell her not to worry if she has an accident. Also trying to distract by reading to her while she sits on the potty, etc.

I figure I'll see how the rest of today goes and then decide whether we should continue or give it a break for another week or so. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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