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Trying to potty train DS2 (35 months)

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YoniMontana Tue 23-Jul-13 10:48:36

DS2 is 3 next month and will be starting ante preschool in September (Scotland). They need to be potty trained before they start.
Last week we had a go with big boy pants lots of praise etc but no luck so I gave up ready to try this week.
Last night he peed on the potty before bed, he got lots of praise and a sticker. I said we'd put on his pants tomorrow. He said yes.
So this morning, all ready to go and he was hysterical saying I want to keep my nappy on. I want to try after tea. I didn't want to force him and put a clean nappy on.
Help! Is he not ready?
Thanks smile

YoniMontana Tue 23-Jul-13 11:11:47

I asked him after snack if he wanted to try potty and said yes! He's in pants now woo hoo!

Wincher Tue 23-Jul-13 12:39:17

Yes, we had that for a while. One day I just told him we had run out of nappies and he would have to wear big boy pants for now, and it worked! We've been going for about three weeks now (he turned 3 last week) and seem to have cracked it. Hurrah! Good luck.

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