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Regression after being TOTALLY dry for 7 months - how should I approach it?

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legallyblond Thu 18-Jul-13 15:33:51

DD is now 2.9. She's been totally dry, even at night, for 6/7 months. We had stopped asking etc as she would always tell us or just put herself on the potty if accessible.

She's completely regressed. We haven't had a dry day in a couple of weeks. Now I'll ask her and she'll say no, then just wee on the floor! I'm taking a wee sample to the dr tomorrow to rule out a UTI (she's not otherwise I'll)...

I am 7 months preg with twins.... Could this be about that.

I am trying to just say "it doesn't matter" and not make a fuss, but I have asked her why she's not using the potty any more. And tbh, v preg with twins in this heat, clearing up multiple puddles and changing sheets etc is really physically demanding, so that might show to DD.

Is this at all normal? What approach should I take? She's starting school (nursery at her school) in Sept, so I'd like her to be back to being dry by then!


legallyblond Mon 22-Jul-13 22:49:04

Bump? Its been a bit better the last few days... Two dry days in a row and one accident today...

UnicornsPooGlitter Mon 22-Jul-13 23:02:52

Aw, it just sounds like her world is changing significantly. I think you're doing the right things though.

What about a reward chart with a reward that she'd really love? Something for nursery maybe?

TiredFeet Fri 26-Jul-13 18:44:41

just bumping this thread as we are having the same problems. DS has completely got to grips with potty training and would just tell us when he needed a wee/ go and find his potty, but in the past few weeks he's completely regressed and we have at least an accident a day, sometimes more. Today I asked him if he needed a wee and he said no, and then two minutes later did a wee in his shorts

not sure how to approach it really to get him back on track.

GingerlyRed Sat 27-Jul-13 15:51:18

Same here. Thought we had finally got there with dd telling us and then taking herself off to the toilet. She has done every pee and poo anywhere but in the toilet for the past two days. If I ask her she replies with a stroppy 'no' and if I try to take her she totally freaks out. I am so sick of mopping up puddles and taking the covers off the sofa. I cannot think of anything that makes me crazier than her standing there watching a puddle form 30 seconds after asking her if she needs/wants the toilet.

Rubena Sat 27-Jul-13 17:34:47

Am of no help sadly, but same problem here.... DD (2.7 then) was toilet trained pretty quickly (compared to ds) I'd say by day 3 or 4 was taking herself off to the toilet with just random splashes in her pants then after about 6 days completely dry. No probs at all with any pooing either (again opposite to ds) she was fine and completely accident free for at least 2 months, then one day out in the paddling pool she took her bottoms off and declared she had weed in them. A few days later I had family arriving and holiday planned. Accidents all through the 3 weeks they were here. Would make more sense if she started this after family arrived & routine changed, but it was a few days before. Then I decided it would all be fine and back to normal after family left and routines resumed, but it hasn't been. I'm not at all handling it like I'm supposed to and can't help screeching at her. I know it's not helping but I'm at my wits end with what to do. So frustrating as I've SEEN that she can do it. Any help appreciated.

legallyblond Sun 28-Jul-13 07:25:23

Oh guys, I know how frustrating it is!!!!! Glad we're not alone with this but really hope some wise words come along soon....

Crumbledwalnuts Sun 28-Jul-13 07:32:31

My biggest and best idea would be back in nappies and no words about it, just smiles. It does sound like attention seeking (if there's no UTI) and you could think about how you deal with attention seeking in other areas, and apply it here. But firstly stop worrying about nursery now because that will make you more tense and impatient. If she's not dry then the school will certainly understand with a note from you, and it's highly likely that within a week or so she won't be enjoying herself there in a nappy and will quietly make a fresh choice.

I wouldn't start getting cross, just go back into nappies, is this possible or will she take them off? She wants a cross or concerned reaction from you, and she's thinking about that right now. That's the focus. When you put nappies back on, and there's no cross or concerned reaction to focus on, she will start thinking about the nappy and whether she wants to be in it. (not, hopefully!)

Crumbledwalnuts Sun 28-Jul-13 07:34:18

I'm not sure even a star chart is the thing, though I think they are generally marvellous. More just ignoring and back in nappies. If this was a tantrum about anything else, that's what you would do, just ignore.

gonerogue Mon 29-Jul-13 17:11:07

I'm the same, DD is 3 next month and trained for more than 6 months but totally regressed.
Was at the doctors tidy and no UTi.

She was dry all day in crèche, got home and within about 5 minutes had weed on the couch.

My 18 mo DS has just regressed sleeping and I think she sees the attention he is getting from tht and wants some for herself.

Would nappies really be the answer? Most sites are saying not to but I am nearly at the end of my tether...

gonerogue Mon 29-Jul-13 17:11:54

Doctor's today, as opposed to tidy

Rubena Mon 29-Jul-13 19:07:31

NO way I'm going back to pull ups. Same here she was dry all day at nursery. Took herself to the toilet etc. I think it's attention. She's been really naughty a lot recently. Will see how tomorrow goes at home....

valiumredhead Mon 29-Jul-13 19:20:17

Have you ruled out a uti?

legallyblond Mon 29-Jul-13 20:28:12

I have ruled out a UTI. It's not that. She's got a bit better, although still an accident a day. I am trying to ignore those and we've gone back to a sticker chart (she loves stickers) for each wee on the loo......

gonerogue Mon 29-Jul-13 22:48:26

I might give a sticker for each wee on a loo, that could work.
Not going back to nappies/pull ups will just have to stick it out.

Rubena Tue 30-Jul-13 11:15:33

Not sure where ours is coming from. Def not any medical problem. She's completely normal on her pre-school days and doesn't even so much as drip on her pants. I'm just going to ignore it (only thing I haven't tried since this started) as I'm wondering if it's an attention thing. She's been really really naughty and defiant at the same time as well ever since this began.

GingerlyRed Wed 31-Jul-13 20:28:00

Seem to have made some progress here. There was no chance dd was going back into nappies at 3.2. Ignoring was not working. So... She was told in no uncertain terms that she would go to the toilet. And we marched her there hourly. Cue massive tantrums but she was given the choice of going on her own or being taken. She has decided that going on her own steam is preferable, thankfully. Reward charts have also been removed. I'm well and truly fed up with THAT little game.

She is not quite back where she was but improving.

Rubena... We have also had an increase in defiance and, erm, challenging behaviour... She would pee on the sofa and then stand there with her little chin jutting out with a look that said "so what are you gonna do about THAT?" hmmangry and then look really smug when I'd silently change her and then take the sofa apart yet again.

Yeesh... I look like a total dragon blush! I'm not really. Honest!

goandshowdaddy Fri 09-Aug-13 17:42:15

I was just about to start a thread on this! DS 2.11 has been dry since end April and doing really well - never bothered asking him if he needed a wee as he always took himself and I could completely rely on him never wetting himself. Until about 3 weeks ago. He is now wetting himself roughly once a day. No idea why. Took him to the doc a few weeks ago and ruled out a UTI but said it could be thrush. Not sure if it's still that but it's driving me mad. I can't help getting really cross at him (though I know it won't help blush). Help!

elizabethsmum Fri 09-Aug-13 23:36:04

hi- ime i would say that it may be due to the upcoming arrival of the twins... my dd was nearly 5 when our twins were born and we suddenly had lots of puddles on the floor (nearly 3 years after being toilet trained!) With dd1 in retrospect, everytime there was any sort of change ie when we moved house before that etc, her toileting always seemed to regress.
I had a very difficult pregnancy with the twins and when they were born i think it was obviously her way of getting our attention (albeit negative i must admit!)
I would honestly not make too much of it as it may get worse before it gets better if this is the case. Don't want to sound all doom and gloom but if you appear outwardly relaxed about it (i know easier said than done) then she may hopefully soon realise that it does not get the desired effect!
My DD started full time school 5 weeks after our twins arrived- that is another story...but your DD will have some huge changes coming up so i think this regression is fairly understandable and i don't think my DD ever had a single accident at school, although she did continue with it for a while a home but it was just a short lived phase i think!! (hazy memory!)
Good luck!! smile
PS- am now potty training my twins (one has trained himself but DT2 is not interested in the slightest hence me stumbling onto your thread!)

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