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night time training advice

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omama Sun 14-Jul-13 19:46:01

I need a few pointers for nightime training with ds (2.10).

He's been daytime dry for 2 months though we're not quite there yet with poo's. He's still in a nappy at night & when I get him up in the morning, its usually full & soiled. He doesn't shout to tell me he needs a wee, he just does it, & He refuses to go on the potty when he gets up (presumably as he's done what he needs to in his nappy).

I've read its best to wait til they have several dry nights before stopping using a nappy at night, but because we leave him in bed for a bit before getting him up in the morning (10-30mins), I have no idea if he wees in the night or upon waking.

So do I need to test this out by diving in there the moment he wakes & rushing him to the loo? Or would he be able to hold it til we got to him if he were truly ready?

Also is it best to stop offering a bedtime drink at this stage?

Any tips/pointers gratefully received.

omama Fri 26-Jul-13 20:42:17


smornintime Mon 29-Jul-13 22:18:20

No real advice I'm afraid but watching for responses as we are trying to get rid of night nappies. We ditched the daytime nappies 10 months ago and it's gone ok but taking them away at night so far is not fun...two changes every night so far! We are giving it 'til the weekend and if things don't change I am off to buy more nappies.

pmgkt Tue 30-Jul-13 03:47:46

We are still in nappies at night cos days are hit and miss so talking in logic rather than experience. When I get out of bed the first thing I always do is have a wee. I don't wait, couldn't wait so to expect you dc to wait half an hour is a bit much, you try it yourself tomorrow morning. Is there some reason that she can't take herself, or could a potty in her room an option? I'm afraid you will need to get up as soon as she wakes, but also she is very young for being dry at night so don't panic if it doesn't work out

louloutheshamed Tue 30-Jul-13 06:36:34

My Hv said to wait until you have a week of dry nappies when waking before removing them at night, and that it is normal for it to take a year after being dry in day.

smornintime Tue 30-Jul-13 19:54:44

I'm afraid we have given up for now! 3 lots of sheets last night, although some progress in that he came to tell DH about it instead of shouting across the house! Hoping for some dry nappies sooner rather than later...

omama Wed 31-Jul-13 22:51:13

Thanks all.

pmgkt i wish he could/would take himself! Since he went into a bed 6 months ago, he has never ever got out during the night.Even in the mornings, he doesnt get up, he just chats & waits for us to go to him! Tbh though, even if he did get up he couldn't open the door as they are round knob handles & very stiff, & he sleeps in the dark. Thinks that'll no doubt change as he gets a bit older! A potty in his room may work but wld prob need a lamp & I'm in no rush for that just yet.

smornintime - i think like you we may just have to wait it out. This week he's been asking not to wear a nappy at night so I had a talk with him about how if he wants to be a big boy then he needs to use the toilet & not go in his pants, & that if he needed to go when he woke up he should calk me & I'd take him. The next morning he shouted 'I need a wee' as soon as he woke so slight progress though his nappy was already full. So looks like he is peeing during his sleep, so don't think he's ready yet. Off to buy a waterproof mattress cover tomorrow so we may test things out just to be sure!

Thanks again.x

Maryann1975 Sat 03-Aug-13 09:05:56

I thought dd was weeing when she woke up in the morning, so I took the nappies of one night to see. She wet the bed both nights in the middle of the night. She didn't wake up either time, I could her murmuring in her sleep so went and had to change the bed. That was back in june. We have now had two weeks of dry nappies over night. If we weren't going on holiday tomorrow I would take the nappies away, but going to leave it till we get back now. It will happen in time for your ds.

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