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Tiny pants?

(19 Posts)
rubyanddiamond Mon 08-Jul-13 13:38:00

DD is 2 but small, and I'm not sure where to buy pants from! I got some from H&M in size 1.5-2yrs, but even those keep falling down. Any ideas? Preferably brightly patterned as she does love her new spotty pants smile

DIYandEatCake Mon 08-Jul-13 15:59:52

Dd is skinny and we've found that boys pants fit her much better than girls, strangely. We have some Charlie bear and Thomas the tank engine ones from mothercare in size 1.5-2 that fit brilliantly (dd is 2.3), they stay up and don't gape round the leg holes.

rubyanddiamond Mon 08-Jul-13 20:49:06

Thanks for the suggestion - I'll take a look at the boys versions smile

SageYourResoluteOracle Mon 08-Jul-13 21:43:40

Just to add my tuppence worth, DD was premmie and is still diddly. Seriously no bum and very lean thighs. She generally wears age 12-18 month skirts/leggings etc and even some of these fall down. We found knickers in Primark (£2.50 for 7 pairs, 100% cotton) in age 18-24 months and they for perfectly so they must be cut quite small. They are like dolls pants. The cutest things ever!

SageYourResoluteOracle Mon 08-Jul-13 21:44:27

Fit not for

FeckOffCup Mon 08-Jul-13 21:46:38

If you have a poundworld near you they do pants in 18-24 months that are small made with stuff like minnie mouse, tinkerbell etc on them.

rubyanddiamond Mon 08-Jul-13 22:06:09

Thanks for the ideas, not sure if there's a poundworld here but we have primark smile DD still fits into 9-12/12-18 month trousers, even with bulky cloth nappies, so we're definitely looking for doll-like pants!

Shattereddreams Mon 08-Jul-13 22:10:38

I had this trouble with DS.

Marvellous pants.

Shattereddreams Mon 08-Jul-13 22:11:44

Oops posted too soon
He is 3 and still in 9-12m shorts.
Trousers I now just sew everything smaller on the waist band

WhispersOfWickedness Mon 08-Jul-13 22:20:33

I would second looking at boys pants!
DD is a slim 22 mo in 12-18 trousers and DS's age 3-4 pants hold up on her fine, the elastic is amazing on boys pants grin Once I discovered that (in an emergency!) we actually didn't bother getting her any more girls pants other than what we had already got (very roomy 18-24 from tesco).
Our worst issue has been vests, obviously popper vests became redundant without nappies, but we have really struggled to get normal vests below age 2-3!! Poor DD has ended up with vests where the neckline falls halfway down her chest and the bottom not far above her knees!

rubyanddiamond Mon 08-Jul-13 22:36:21

Thanks everyone - boys pants and primark it is!

BTW, I have found vests in 12-18 and 18-24 month sizes in Asda smile Or I just layer up a short-sleeved top over a long-sleeved one and skip the vest altogether.

ceeveebee Mon 08-Jul-13 22:52:48

Verbaudet do knickers in age 6 months up - think they must potty train early in France! Will post a link

ceeveebee Mon 08-Jul-13 22:54:46


WhispersOfWickedness Tue 09-Jul-13 06:43:29

Ah, thanks ruby, it's not so much of an issue now in this weather, but will bear that it mind for the end of the summer!
Cee - 6 months shock

ScienceRocks Tue 09-Jul-13 06:46:16

Primark comes up small. I had the same issue with dd2 who toilet trained not long after her second birthday and is tiny.

HackneyCabbage Tue 09-Jul-13 07:10:50

John lewis pants fitted my little skinny bottomed 2 year old, and as usual, great service. I took my DD there as a treat to choose her own pants and The lovely woman at the till played along very excitedly praising my DD for her choice etc etc, so made for a very positive experience for DD, worth the extra cost. My DD came home so excited to wear them.

NuzzleandScratch Mon 15-Jul-13 21:51:42

Dd1 is a tiny little thing, and the smallest knickers I've found are Mothercare, as they start at size 1-1.5yrs. Also second the recommendation of John Lewis. We've found that many come up too big in the leg, M&S in particular gape badly around the legs on her! (even now at 3.4).

rubyanddiamond Mon 15-Jul-13 22:07:29

Thanks all smile just to report back, the Primark ones are indeed like little doll pants, and they fit brilliantly! Plus they had some spotty colourful ones, which DD really likes.

Haven't made it to any of the other shops mentioned yet.

kellestar Sat 20-Jul-13 07:32:36

Ruby we are in the same state. DD is 2.7 and teeny waist. Tried...
H&M 1-1.5y the biggest by far and quite pricey
Asda 1-1.5y good fit 5 for £4
Sainsbury's 1-1.5y good fit, good value 10 for £6 and great colour range, also have bows at front.
Boots 1-1.5y a little big, printed label at back makes it easy for DD to put on correctly 4 for £6
Tesco 1-1.5y a little baggy, only Peppa pig/Disney type options available

we've had to go back in the grown out of sack for clothes as without the nappy we are in smaller clothes again. Luckily as it's sunny she's in shorts. DS' 0-3 month shorts look great on her.

I will say that I got the last pack in these sizes in tesco, sainsbury's and Asda.

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