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wee on carpet - how best to clean?

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LimitedEditionLady Tue 23-Jul-13 11:08:44

I use the dettol surface cleaner too x

soundevenfruity Sat 20-Jul-13 01:59:29

I used pets cleaner which you can buy in any supermarket. It supposedly contains enzymes breaking down animal waste so is very efficient.

TitianSpirit Sat 20-Jul-13 01:57:47

cream carpets throughout so sympathies to you both.

I use dettol surface cleaner (the clear one) that's food safe so no major chemicals in the carpet for DD to play on. It kills the bacteria so I let the underlay get wet with it too then suction off with a vax, or sponge off with 2 old towels kept for this. hope it helps.

nannynick Sun 07-Jul-13 19:53:31

Soak as much of it up as you can.

Wish I knew best way of dealing with it once it has been there a while, have the problem at the moment.
Have tried using a odeour eliminator but that is not working well, think the wee may have got into the underlay.

So I would love to know what does work.

lottytheladybird Sun 07-Jul-13 19:24:55

Just started potty training today...exhausted & exasperated already...anyway, what's the best way to clean wee on carpet?

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