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fine for weeks then lots of accidents, DH getting very frustrated at DS1 not getting it.

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leonardofquirm Sat 22-Jun-13 13:14:44

Thanks. smile

We did sticker charts with small rewards for initial training, but haven't tried for a while.

Maybe a dry pants chart would be an idea.

mumofthemonsters808 Sat 22-Jun-13 10:07:23

No advice whatsoever because I am the worse potty training Mum ever.After a painful, frustrating, exhausting week, I think DS can actually pull his undies down as opposed to peeing in the potty whilst still wearing them. All my fault for training him naked. Major breakthrough at M & Tots when he approached me and asked to be taken to the toilet. At home if I do not constantly take him he pees in his pants. I'm just hoping once the penny drops it will all come together.

ItStartedInRome Sat 22-Jun-13 09:56:07

Should say I imagine lots of people will be anti 'bribery' but it works for us. Our DS had 10 days with stickers and small rewards and was potty trained. Has odd days of accidents (maybe 1-2 days a month) but I usually take them as sign of illness or that he was engrossed in something else very exciting.

ItStartedInRome Sat 22-Jun-13 09:51:22

I think this sounds within what is normal. Nothing to worry about. Sometimes kids get chills, slightly unwell and they have a few days of accidents. To keep your son focused I would try a reward system. Stickers always work well. So many stickers = small present. Could be something as simple as 4 stickers leads to a gingerbread biscuit. That way son incentivised to keep being dry and over the course of a morning/day instantly sees a reward/it is worthwhile for him to concentrate on no accidents. Sorry if you are already doing that and I have added nothing. We have found that praise and reassurance work in most situations for us (with bribery) and a 'tougher approach' has rarely worked for this kind of skill learning. Good luck!

leonardofquirm Fri 21-Jun-13 21:51:56

DS1 is 3.9 and started training slowly in the couple of months before he was 3. We'd considered starting earlier, but postponed due to new baby and then a holiday!

As in the title, he can go weeks with only occasional 'didn't quite make it' accidents then like this week he has wetting accidents every day at home and at nursery. sad

Touch wood he is a regular after meal pooper and very rarely has a poo accident. (touches more wood)

DH its SAHD to the 2 DC (youngest is 1) and is getting frustrated and annoyed.

He feels DS1 knows when he needs and has pointed out he's the only one in his class regularly wetting (I assume this its from gossip with the other parents as DS's teacher reassured us about it a bit early on) DH seems to think he'll just keep doing this forever if we don't sort it.

DS1 is frankly rubbish at taking himself to the toilet and we have to remind him a lot. he its strangely better when out and loves to ask to go for a poo in a restaurant. hmm

I read 'no cry potty training' and another book before we started as I felt clueless, both seemed to advocate not making a big fuss for accidents which I've tried to do.

So firstly, does anyone have any tips to help remind him to go? He can hold it for quite a while, he just seems to have no urgency about going.

Are some DC just like this and do they ever get it?

I don't want to fall out with DH about this, I think he's a bit annoyed with me wading in sometimes as he deals with most of the accidents while I'm at work!

I'd like to be able to reassure him and help DS1.

thanks in advance and sorry for long waffle!

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