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how exactly do you potty training

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lucindapie Fri 21-Jun-13 12:56:21

DD is quite young for potty training (21 months), but since the summer weather, she's been walking around with no nappy on and doing regular poos and pees in the potty (or toilet with seat on) and telling me when she needs to go or when she's done something.
it's sad I know but I am feeling a bit proud!!
But how exactly do you actually potty train, for instance if we're out and about she isn't always going to be able to walk over and point to a potty, and she doesn't have the language to tell me in words. So how do we do it exactly? I haven't put her in pants yet, should I start? Maybe use a sign for the potty?

monikar Sat 22-Jun-13 19:37:01

Gosh, that's young. It sounds like she is already nearly there if she can manage this at home.

Do you take the potty when you go out? I used to put it in the back of the car and then show it to DD and ask her if she needed it before we set off, then do the same when we returned to the car. I would also take the potty when we went to a friend's house and frequently show it to her.

I would use a pull-up when out just in case. If she has control at home she is well on the way.

Hope that helps.

DIYandEatCake Sat 22-Jun-13 22:28:52

Dd (2.3) has just potty trained, and we just take her favourite potty out with us everywhere. She asks to use it just like at home, we go to a public loo or find somewhere discreet if in the park. I'm still a bit nervous as I have no idea how long she can hold wee for, but we're doing fine so far. If we're going to be away from a loo for a while I'll go myself first and take her and potty with me, she'll often go too. Sounds like your dd is doing great, go for it!

cloudhands Sun 23-Jun-13 06:16:13

Thanks I'm going to try. Yesterday I bought pants and with the pants in there were lots of misses! Might go back to no nappy or knickers and see if that helps.

Did you start by putting your DC on the potty every 30 mins? I know my Dd can hold wee for much longer than that but after all the misses yesterday I'm wondering if I should try that. And I haven't actually started properly yet since yesterday we went out most if the day wearing Nappies.
We don't have a car and go most places by train or tram (I live abroad) so that could prove a bit of a challenge

Picklemom Thu 27-Jun-13 23:27:05

My twins were making occasional use of potties at that age, and then I seriously trained them at just past 2 years. I followed this method:
-Cold turkey on all diapers during the day (not while sleeping, that's a whole separate thing)
-Devoted a long weekend to encouraging them to use the potties EVERY time. Came armed with lots of cleaning supplies, and invented a special dance to celebrate every success. Lots and lots and lots of special praise. Messes were minimal after day 2.
-No underwear, and when at home they were just bare from the waste down
-When out, no underwear, just loose fitting trousers for 3 months (the theory we'd read behind this was that anything tight fitting would stimulate them to wet themselves)
-So for about 2 months, we kept our outings brief (started with just walks around the block), gradually lengthened them, and took our potty with us everywhere.
-We prompted them to go potty a lot while we were out, until we started to trust that they would say or signal when they needed to go.

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