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What to do now? Advice please.

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flowerfairy Mon 17-Jun-13 19:41:10

Started potty training dd (2.3) in half term week, and after a few days I thought we were making progress, had taken self off to potty for a poo, whilst I had a shower on 6th day. Went out on same day and was brill while out would sit on toilet, no accidents and dry for about 3 days in a row.
Then I went back to work and she continued to be mostly dry, very stubborn about sitting on the potty on request though. Rewarded with chocolate button for all deposits. But after about 10days it was like the novelty had worn off. She would poo in pants, have 2-3 wee accidents per day. But then went out to shops, toddlers would ask to go to toilet and wee each time she asked (and I had no buttons with me)!
But every time we are at home she just won't sit on the potty even if it is right next to her or ask, as I said very stubborn about sitting on and certainly won't sit for longer than the duration aof a wee.
So I have gone back to nappies since yesterday. Figuring that I won't make an issue of it for the next few weeks and then try at the start of summer hols. However trip to shops today and she asked to go to toilet (mainly because of the magic flush and hand drier) but she did do something. So now I don't know whether I've done the right thing or should have persevered for longer. Any experience/advice please.
Last pt 7years ago with a boy at 2.7 and he was a little less stubborn!

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