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Should i carry on?

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cedar12 Sun 16-Jun-13 09:14:02

Tried to potty train ds in April. He did pretty well after a couple of days but then got ill so we went back nappies. As he was not using the potty at all when ill.
Started again on Thursday, he is 2 years 8 months now. He doesn't seem to be picking it up so well this time. I have explain what the potty is for but have been quite relaxed about it all. I havent been telling him to sit on the potty loads as he just says no. He as probably been managing to using the potty about 30-40% of the timee. Only uses it when he is in the same room other just wees on the floor.
I do sit him on it if we are out and about.
Is he ready or should i leave it again?

shellandkai Sun 16-Jun-13 09:52:50

I thought it was relatively easy to potty train my son but he preferred to use a proper toilet than a potty. He was pretty much the same until we went to a friends for the day an I asked if he would like to wear big pants or a nappy, he said big boy pants and I explained if he wears them he must tell me if he needs a wee as of he wees in his pants I will be very upset.

That day no accidents at all and asked again that night what he would prefer to wear he said "big boy pants" again I explained no matter how dark it is he needs to let me know if he needs a wee next morning he woke up and was dry.

What I'm trying to point out is maybe try him with the toilet instead of a potty, and let him decide if he wants to be a big boy or not I found it so much easier than trying to get him
To go on the potty. My ds is 3 in September and because of this strategy has been out of nappies for 4 months now and still doing very well grin

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