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did you leave your DS without pants for first day(s)?

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ChazDingle Sat 15-Jun-13 21:17:36

Am reading all the posts are really determined to go for it this time (DS is 3). Alot of people seem to leave them naked on bottom half for first day/(s). However whenever DS is naked, bath etc he is constantly fiddling/ pulling his winkie. Was your DS like this and how did you approach PT?

LondonBus Sat 15-Jun-13 21:22:16

I went for shorts only. A three year old should easily be able to pull down shorts. Some DC really like the "Now you have big boys pants!" thing though.

NarkyNamechanger Sat 15-Jun-13 21:26:24

No, knickers and tracky bottoms or leggings.

BackforGood Sat 15-Jun-13 21:29:12

Mine all wore pants (1 boy, 2 girls)

ilovepowerhoop Sat 15-Jun-13 21:30:54

pants on both - 1 boy and 1 girl

DangoDays Sat 15-Jun-13 21:31:28

Yep did naked bottom half for mornings then pants and shorts in afternoon when we would head out. Only took few days. Hasn't fiddled much with his willy but never really has. Would pants off mean he might get used to having it free therefore less fiddling?!?

Nowhere near as bad as we thought. Few accidents but asking lots if he needs to go. Now takes himself. Doesn't like pooing somewhere new though and is just getting the hang of that after a constipated couple of weeks!!

Good luck.

Deffodil Sat 15-Jun-13 21:38:47


edwardsmum11 Sun 16-Jun-13 15:16:00

Did naked first three.

edwardsmum11 Sun 16-Jun-13 15:17:12

Started on monday with 21mth old son and he is obsessed with willy.

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