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How can I help DS progress with potty training?

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MrsRadicchio Fri 14-Jun-13 21:55:42

Started potty training DS properly about 2 months ago. Generally he has been dry pretty much since then (with blips along the way) but recently he has completely regressed at nursery (wet himself four times last time he was there) and is now regressing at home - basically just weed on the floor three times today. The potty was nearby in one instance, he just seemed to not be bothered.

I think somewhere along the way I have got this wrong and he is not bothered about just weeing wherever he is - if a potty is nearby he will use it (he does also use toilets but needs coaxing to go) but he doesn't seem to feel he must use potty or toilet - which I guess he needs to be fully trained.

Also I am not sure if he really holds on to the wee / poo (in order to give himself time to get to potty/toilet). He rarely tells me "I need a wee", just goes if the potty is there, or has an accident.

I feel now like I have trained him before he was ready. I think I need to incentivize using the potty/toilet for him - but how? Tried a star chart but he wasn't bothered by it.

He is 2.10 years old by the way.

Any ideas how to progress? I put him back in a nappy this afternoon as I was so disheartened by it - but I am not sure if this is the way to go, as it feels like a step back and negates the progress he has made.

Thanks for reading, sorry this is so long and rambling!

somanymiles Sat 15-Jun-13 05:40:36

Received wisdom is not to put him back in a nappy. Bribery with chocolate buttons worked for mine, although he still does have bad days. Also making him go to the potty every hour or so, even if he is distracted by other things. Good luck!

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