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Help, my 4 year old son refuses to pee at nursery

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lawyerpenny1974 Thu 13-Jun-13 13:50:22

Hi there, I am getting desperate. My son is at a lovely nursery and will be joining reception in September as he will be 5 in November. He is totally potty trained and is happy doing wees and poos at home but at nursery, he refuses to use the loo and instead will just pee in his pants. At home, he will just run off and use the loo on his own. We have tried everything, sticker charts, chocolate bribes, and even giving him his own dedicated loo filled with photos from home and his own toys, even buying those loo balls with faces on for him to aim at and stickers which change colour when they are peed on, but to no avail. We took him to the GP 2 weeks ago who said that he is above average intelligence and is being manipulative and we should just ignore it. That is difficult to do when I turn up and there are 4 "separate pictures of Africa" on the floor in nursery covered up with special powder! The only thing that works for him is if I turn up or his older sister comes down from school in her biscuit and lunch breaks when he will go happily. It is dire as he is such a happy little boy but i am told that he starts withdrawing and it is then clear to all the staff that he needs to pee. Please help with any thoughts.

TheSecondComing Thu 13-Jun-13 13:55:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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