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I should be able to answer this myself, I'm on my 5th potty trainee ;)

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mum23girlys Thu 13-Jun-13 12:43:14

Haha no thank goodness just the 3! Feels like I'm feeding 23 sometimes when their pals descend grin

If your ds is showing signs of readiness hopefully it'll only take a few days. Other thought is maybe to leave it another month or so until he's definitely ready so in theory should catch on quicker. I've got dd sitting on the potty at the moment. She's had no happy on since 8am and has done nothing. Honestly she's got a cast iron bladder. Don't know how I'm supposed to potty train her when she can hold on for Britain.

sadsong Thu 13-Jun-13 10:03:23

Thanks mum23girlies, have you actually got 23 girlies? That's my gut instinct too. I'm run my own business, so although not ideal to take a week off I can't see anyway around this.

mum23girlys Thu 13-Jun-13 09:37:49

If you are able to take him out of nursery for a week that's what I would do. Or wait until you have holidays or a long weekend. My youngest dd is ready as well but I'm hanging off for another fortnight as our schools finish up then and we can hang about the house for 2 weeks before we ho on holiday

Best of luck

sadsong Thu 13-Jun-13 09:33:31

But this time my ds is at nursery full time, so it's a big different. Ds is only 20 months, so although quite young he showed all signs of being ready, biggest sign, was bringing a potty full of wee all the way down the hall to the kitchen to show us! So I thought he's ready. wink

With all my other dc I've not really found it very hard, mastered in a couple if days. Except for ds1 who was horrendous! But that was 13 years ago. The weekend was fine 4 wees in Saturday, 4 on Sunday. He can say wee wee and potty and knows exactly what to do, but its gone a bit wrong this week at nursery. They had him in pull ups o. Monday, clearly he thought this a nappy, so definitely didn't help. Tues and wed he's just been in proper pants. Tues although say on potty wouldn't do anything. Wednesday they managed to get 1. At home in the eve he's happy to sit, does a drip, then holds it tightly so he doesn't go. He's clearly got a lot of control. But instead of doing the one big wee, will let it come out a few drips at a time. So lots of accidents.

Have I embarked on this too soon? Or should I just pull him out of nursery for a week and do it myself? I don't want to put him back in nappies now as I think he may switch off to it, like ds one did.

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