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Anyone potty tain an under 2.

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Longdistance Tue 11-Jun-13 08:50:29

Well, dd2 has been so determined herself ripping off her nappy, refusing to wear it. Wants to wear pants like big sister, can tell us she needs a Wee and poo. Has an occasional accident, and is basically telling us, she doesn't want to use nappies.
She'll be 2 soon, and just wanted to know if anyone else has an early one. Dd1 was 2.8 when she was fully trained, so a little older. Dd2's speech is really good, do that's making it easy, but I've got a broken leg at the minute, so the timings not great.
Any tips are welcome...

timeforgin Tue 11-Jun-13 23:17:24

I started training my son recently, he was 20.5 months. He was showing signs and so one weekend we just went for it. For a long time he had been pointing to a wee if he did one on the floor before bath time and saying 'oh no!' And then when we were on holiday on April he saw me going to the loo and started saying 'wee wee' and pulling at his pants so I popped him on the loo. From then on we asked him in nappy off times (eg morning before getting dressed, after lunch, after nap, before bed) if he wanted a wee / let him go on the potty or loo.

When I started 'proper' I loosely followed Gina Ford - loosely as in asked him very frequently whether he wanted a wee / had the potty upstairs etc. After about three days he was reliably saying he wanted a wee before he went and now, 2.5 weeks later, he has very few accidents; he actually had one today - fine all day (glowing report from his nanny!) and when she left which coincided with my husband and I getting home at the same time (unusual) he just got a bit over excited I think and did a little wee. He did stop doing it when he realised and did the rest on the potty though, so think he def has got the control thing going. He is small though so think occasional accidents normal!

On first day, he would wee every 20-30 mins but by day three he was going much longer. He will say when he needs a wee but we still ask him if its been a while.

We put him straight in pants - no pull ups - and he still has a nappy for naps and night time, though nap time nappy is often almost dry / dry.

Good luck!

Daisybell1 Sat 15-Jun-13 20:53:34

I'm so glad you posted. My 20mo dd has turned into a nappy refuser over the last couple of days and has started saying "poo poo, off off (pointing at nappy) and then doing a wee on the potty. I've only had it in the house since yesterday....

Her language isn't good though, and I haven't yet had the guts to try it properly.

Are you going to go for it LongDistance?

edwardsmum11 Sun 16-Jun-13 15:19:08

I started training my son on monday. He is 21mths. It is getting better day by day.

Daisybell1 Sun 16-Jun-13 21:19:01

Ooh glad to hear its going well. I guess I've been dithering all weekend and just taking her lead - if she asks for the potty I've been sitting her on, but have been leaving her in nappies.

But we've had 3 wees on the potty and a near miss today smile

Does anywhere do very small pants? I've bought DD the smallest size in Tesco and they're enormous on her...

Tinyflutterby Thu 20-Jun-13 14:05:26

Hi, I've been training my ds who's 22 months for the last week now. First two days we had a couple of accidents but by day 3 he was dry (just occassional accident now).

He's very frightened of doing a poo though and keeps asking to go every 2 mins then not sitting down or sitting down and standing straight back up again.

The pee thing is going so well with him asking to go and the length of time between visits has stretched out (he went for 2 1/2 hours this morning) that I don't want to go back to nappies and neither does he (he pulls at them and says 'big boy pants') although I have been using pull ups at nap and bedtime (nap usually always dry, night was wet except last night felt about half as heavy as it normally does! And he did a huge pee when he went on potty when he got up).

I am taking a potty whenever I go out and hadn't felt bad about using it, but some people seem to be absolutely horrified at the thought of it and I actually had someone say something rude to me the other day, so that has knocked my confidence a bit. I am also 4 months pregnant and don't keep particularly well physically so I'm finding it all quite exhausting.

However, I have confidence in my ds and hope that he will continue to improve despite my difficulties and the opinions of others.

Daisy, I always buy ds clothes from Asda as they are very reasonably priced and last multiple washes. I got pants from there and they do a wide range of sizes. A book I read said to get them slightly bigger anyway so the child finds it easier to pull them up/down themselves.

Good luck everyone!

ArabellaBeaumaris Mon 24-Jun-13 08:19:06

Interesting! DD2 is 21m & pulls her nappy off to copy DD1, tells me when she's done something in her nappy but not before. I am beginning to think about encouraging pottying... Dd1 trained when she was 2.1 so a bit older & a bit more language!

timeforgin Mon 24-Jun-13 12:08:18

TBH Tinyflutterby I find the whole potty in public thing a bit gross. In the first couple of weeks we just made sure any car journeys very short, and he did a wee immediately before leaving the house and immediately after arriving wherever we were going, and chose outings and activities approproately.

I would be horrified to see someone pull a potty out in public (much more grossed out than I would be seeing a little one eg having a wee next to a tree in the park in an emergency 'can't wait' scenario). Maybe that's just me.

It is tiring but if they are ready to be trained they get the hang of it quickly. I found remembering to ask him / take him in the early days the challenge because you just forget that they aren't in nappies! Now he says when he needs to go himself. He does have an occasional accident, though genearlly when he is either very excited (like a dog!) or when he is concentrating hard on something.

angelharley Mon 01-Jul-13 13:49:27

Hi, thought I would join this thread for some advice as I am potty training at 20 months...
Can anyone help in actually getting my DS to sit down to do his business? He has absolutely no problem going right next to the potty - standing up!, obviously he has spent the last 20 months pooing/ peeing standing up in his nappy (he has never ever pooed sitting down - e.g. highchair/ car seat etc...), so quite simply he is used to doing it standing!
He watches us, and has no problem sitting in his potty, just when he actually needs to go he stands up! Have tried holding potty under him when he is standing, but that just distracts him and he thinks its funny!
Thanks! smile

Tinyflutterby Tue 02-Jul-13 13:41:54

Hi angel, my ds is the same age and sits to pee but prefers to stand to poo! (would be better other way round surely!) Maybe if you can teach him to pee standing up as that's how he'll eventually do it anyway and I am persevering like you are holding potty under him to do a poo - sometimes we catch it, sometimes we don't. Continue to take him tot he loo with you and explain that you're sitting down etc. etc. Think it all just takes time and a lot of patience. Good luck.

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