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Dd weeing through pants to go on the potty

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Thumbtack Tue 11-Jun-13 08:33:54

I've just read on another thread, that some children get confused with the term 'pulling' pants down and maybe 'pushing' pants down is easier for them to understand?

Jeebs Sat 08-Jun-13 20:28:20

Anyone? !

Jeebs Sat 08-Jun-13 17:53:19

Dont know if there's a trick I'm missing here but DD keeps weeing through her knickers when going on the potty or toilet.
She's 2.8 yrs and took to the whole potty training thing herself when 2 weeks ago after being in the paddling pool most of the day.
She's being very private about it all a put her potty is a quiet place and takes herself off to it when she needs to go, but will not pull her pants down.
I know she's able to do it, ive even bought her pants a couple of sizes too big and she can put them on hereself. There's also no problem with holding it as she put her training seat ans stool on the toilet before going earlier.
Also having a problem in nursery where she's either not going or is again weeing through her pants. They've said that they think she's not ready / haven't got the time to do one on one with her.
I really dont know what to do, would really love any help or ideas that I could try.

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