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7 months in and concluded DD has un-potty trained herself

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evertonmint Sun 26-May-13 10:59:08

Started potty training at 2.1 as she showed all the signs. Got it within 3 days, dry all day and pretty much at night (bone dry nappy 6 nights out of 7!) for 2 months. Never had a poo accident. Then for the next 3 months we had good days and bad. Novelty had worn off I think, she had other things she wanted to do more etc. Choc buttons or stickers would usually do the trick and get her back on track for a few days then would be accident day again.

Last 2 months have been awful. Rarely takes herself to potty or toilet until she has had a leak in her pants. Occasionally now has poo accidents in pants too. I can keep her dry by taking her to loo every 2 hours but she won't take any responsibility herself. She now wets her nappy in the morning rather tan wait until we get her up like she used too. Now fighting us over using the toilet etc. Rarely has a full accident, clearly has excellent bladder control, so if she has a leak then often can't let it out in potty so then has another leak a bit later so we have lots of accidents, and with poo we have just had 3 days where a little but came out in her pants and she withheld it so it took 4 small poo accidents, 3 days and a lot of prunes to clear her out.

Like her brother she likes rewards if she gets them but doesn't care if she misses out so she likes a Choc button when she's been taken to potty but doesn't care if she has a leak and misses out.

In a pattern now where she is at nursery 2 days a week - good first day (maybe one accident), terrible 2nd day, then it takes me 2-3 days to get her back to minimal accidents and by day 5 she might even go herself before a leak, but then we're back at nursery and the week cycle starts again.

Am on villa holiday. Have 10 days before she is due back in nursery. How can we re-potty train her? We had a torrid time with DS due to constipation and withholding which has only just been sorted, so we are a bit nervous about how to deal with this and don't trust ourselves to deal with issues so probably not creating the best vibe for this to succeed. So need a concrete plan we can stick to IYSWIM.

evertonmint Sun 26-May-13 15:03:05


sisteroutlaw Sun 26-May-13 16:45:48

Hi Evertonmint - am envy of your villa holiday!

Anyway, I think if you're holed up somewhere then you may as well ease you and your partner's tension with beer/wine. Stick to what you do on the days you usually have your DD to yourself and as you've got double the amount of time (10 days) you've got a greater chance of the practice sticking. Sounds like you just need a confidence boost yourselves, as does your DD.

Agree about fear of constipation. Got an obstinate one here who holds in the poo until night-time/morning when pull-up is on. Sigh. And refuses to sit on the potty until a few dribbles of wee are out. Did a fab arc-ing wee on the lawn earlier with me holding his willy and DP nudging his hips forwards...

Beer. Now. It's sunny. Good luck! x

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