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Starting again

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notprincesskate Thu 23-May-13 07:54:30

DD is 2.5, a month ago we started potty training, she seemed pretty good after about a week was taking herself to the potty, the odd accident every couple of days, but mostly seemed to have cracked it. After 10days of training, she broke her leg and for the last 3 weeks has been in a cast from thigh to toes, unable to walk fully and sit on the potty properly, so we went back to a combination of pull ups and nappies, she still seemed switched on, would tell me when she was going/had been and the occasional sit on the potty when she shuffled over to it.
Now she's out of plaster, but seems to have regressed back to even before the stage where she was before. It's a battle to get her to sit on the potty at all, as she just refuses, even when its obvious that she needs to go, then within a few minutes she's telling me she's wet or dirty.
I'm finding this quite frustrating and just wondering which direction to take, especially need advice on how to get her to sit on the potty without turning it into a battle. We have started a sticker chart today, and any positive trips on potty are rewarded. Is it just time again?

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