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Try to potty train or wait? (stubborn toddler and poo issues)

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DIYandEatCake Wed 22-May-13 22:21:52

Dd is 2.2 and can ask to sit on the potty or toilet, wee on it and wipe her own bottom. However she will only do this when she wants to (never at our suggestion) and she likes wearing nappies, gets distressed if she doesn't have one on. She also has big poo issues (on movicol for withholding and constipation), hides to poo and goes absolutely hysterical at the slightest suggestion of trying on the toilet/potty. She is highly strung and stubborn in general (though otherwise delightful and affectionate..!). I've been thinking I should wait til she is more emotionally ready, but people keep telling me to go for it and part of me wonders if she'll ever want to. She is my pfb and obviously I am clueless - anyone more experienced got any advice?

BlastOff Wed 22-May-13 22:30:19

I honestly don't understand the hurry to potty train. She doesn't sound ready to me. Leave it until she is.

I left my ds until he was 2.10 and he got it in 24 hours because he was ready. I'm not saying we've never had an accident since then, but they have been rare, probably less than 10 since then. But I would have left him longer if I hadn't thought he was ready. Obviously there will be children at 2.2 who are ready, but I suspect that it is fewer than the number who are tried to be potty trained at that age.

BlastOff Wed 22-May-13 22:31:54

Sorry, I meant the pressure and hurry generally by (usually older) members of society to potty train, not your hurry in particular.

QTPie Thu 23-May-13 16:38:29

Really doesn't sound ready at all. Give it 6 months and try again? They change a lot in just a few months...

DIYandEatCake Thu 23-May-13 21:21:56

Thanks, I was expecting to be told that. I just find it frustrating knowing that she is ready in theory (knows and can tell me when she needs to go, can wee in potty/toilet, tells me when her nappy needs changing, can pull own trousers on and off etc etc...) but just won't unless the mood takes her. Kind of made me think now that her (very much more compliant) 3 month younger friend is successfully potty training. I think I'm going to wait til we get warm weather and see if I can entice her to run around nappyless in the garden and see what happens.

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