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ready for nappy cold turkey?

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LeBFG Thu 16-May-13 12:03:48

I was wondering if my DS is ready to go without nappies.

He's 25mo and for the last few weeks I've been regularly taking his nappy off in the morning. He finds the potty, sits on it for a wee and takes it to the toilet. He watches his willy and can hold wee in if he can't find the potty - he'll run to me and pull on my sleeve (doesn't talk much yet but good understanding and non-verbal communication skills).

On the other hand, if I put trousers or pants on, or if he's distracted, he has no idea he needs a wee. He's only done a poo once and didn't think about the potty though I got him onto it so some poo went in!

If I go full cold turkey so to speak I was hoping this would allow him to become more aware of his bowel/bladder movements. Or is it too soon?

looseleaf Fri 17-May-13 18:59:03

I did this - DS was great when had nothing on but trousers muddled him and he'd wet them. We had 2 days or so of wet trousers and it did the trick as he now tells me he needs a wee, I help him with trousers and all fine (he's 22 months). I think you can only know if it's too soon by giving it a good go to give him a chance to learn and make sure there's no shame for him when he gets wet (I just said oh dear, never mind gently and when he does it right 'what a lovely wee'(!))

LeBFG Sat 18-May-13 10:02:47

Well, I think it'll take a few days here too...washing machine on as I type. As you say, no real way of knowing until we try!

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