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3 Day Potty Training

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TransatlanticCityGirl Wed 15-May-13 14:57:26

Hello, wonder if anyone has used the 3 day potty training guide by Lora Jensen and if so, is it worth it?

It was recommended to me by a friend, however we have quite different parenting styles so I'm not sure if this will be right for us.

We are a dual career family (both full time), and DD is 22 months and goes to a supportive nursery who are happy to help with potty training however I'm not sure how able or willing they would be to follow any very specific methods. We also have a more relaxed parenting style and don't do well with very rigid Gina Ford-esque methods.

I'm not in any rush to potty train, and I don't necessarily need a 'quick fix' to anything. However our key person at nursery is telling me DD is ready, and that she is "smart" and probably could have been trained several months ago if we had wanted to. I'm therefore thinking of having a go, and I'm told the 3 day potty training works best on 22 month old toddlers.

So I'd appreciate if anyone who has used the method can tell me more about it, key principles, how strict it is etc so that I can see if it's worth spending $24 USD on it...

thx so much in advance smile

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