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Rubbish timing from my daughter-help!

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NoTeaForMe Wed 15-May-13 11:48:46

So, my daughter is nearly 2.7, and she has suddenly decided that she is ready for potty training. She's doing well with telling me when she needs a wee and seems to be holding it well for the time we take to get upstairs to the potty. She hasn't done it for a poo yet and if she's clearly going/about to and I ask her if she wants to do the poo on the potty she says no!

However, I'm due my second baby in a few days time! She hadn't shown any signs of being ready until this week really, so I had been thinking we could just put it all off until we're settled with the new baby. Now I don't want to discourage her as she is doing well, but it seems a ridiculous time to be adding this into the mix! Should I put her in pull ups now as an in between? I know they're frowned upon on here but do they have a place in this case?

Any advice?!


girlywhirly Wed 15-May-13 17:00:56

If she's still in nappies I would probably start with pull-ups and continue with the potty use, because even though she is just starting to get the hang of it, she could get the idea that you no longer want her to use the potty if you just stop. I know the baby's arrival might change things but if she is in pull-ups she might be able to get them down herself and sit on the potty. I would keep the potty in the room where you are, so that you can supervise her even if you're feeding the baby. Keep loo roll and wet wipes close by as well for quick 'hand washing' after she's been on the potty.

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