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Is this what happens then?

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Twinkletwink Thu 09-May-13 15:03:50

I've been potty training DD since last week. She hasn't asked to go yet but I keep taking her and she usually does something. When asked she usually says no but does go when I take her. Will she ask to go herself eventually? She's doing we'll with one or two accidents a day but feel like I'm always asking her ( is that normal?)

Any tips welcome. I've got a friend who potty trained in a weekend and can't help but compare ( even though I know I shouldn't)

FoxyRevenger Thu 09-May-13 15:09:38

I've been training DD since November and literally this week she has started to ask to go (or actually, tell - Mummy, go waaay I can do it all by myselssss) grin

It has been the most frustrating thing ever. I found out and out bribery was the key - comics, chocolate, a special nightie she gets to wear if he has no accidents all day, etc. Whatever you find that really matters to them!

elfycat Thu 09-May-13 15:13:01

How old is DD?

I was late training DD1 as she didn't seem to get it until just after her 3rd birthday (she was an early baby and did things in her own time) and then I ended up resorting to a 'leave it entirely to her' method.

DD2 (2.5) is telling me about poo, but never about wee. We had a few of days of letting her loose in the garden no nappy and encouragement to sit regularly on the potty. But she isn't co-ordinating wees with potty visits, or reacting to being wet. She likes the game of potty/training seat so we'll keep it at that level.

Turns out my sisters and I were late trainers and so were DH and his brother so it might be familial. She'll get there.

And having googled researched resistance to potty training it seems it's the children who are too smart for their own good paying attention to the world around them tend to forget to pay attention to bladder messages <repeat as a mantra when faced with annoying smug parents>

Twinkletwink Thu 09-May-13 15:23:47

DD is 2.8

Ill continue with the bribes but last night she sat on potty 4 times in an hour and dud tiny tiny dribble just to get a treat ....

I'm just new to it and don't know what is actually meant to happen. I understand accidents are part of it but I just wish she would tell me. She's very chatty about EVERYTHING else

Thanks for your replies

Roomfor1more Thu 09-May-13 18:43:51

elfycat LOL Your post described my dd(3) to a T. Too busy looking and doing things to be bothered with doing a pooh in the potty, hell that would only slow things down on her! I've asked my own mother about what age I was when trained and she can't remember sad As for asking MIL I'd have to pass through the Seven Fires of Hell to even begin to ask that creature such a question!

Next door are the smug gits lovely people who act all concerned over dd because they're little ds was barely 2 when he was made train. The joys of having such wonderful kids who are too busy exploring their world instead of naval gazing and watching copious amounts of Peppa! ;)

elfycat Thu 09-May-13 20:29:32

Ah Room it was 3yo for wee, it was 3.5 for poo for DD1.

How about those parents who say their child is dry at night and smugly give you the night-nappies while they are late to meet up because they had to change a wet bed...? <shakes head in pity>

DD1 is mostly dry at night (4.3) but she is so distressed when it happens we have agreed to use night pants. She's just beginning to wake if she needs a wee, this week, so hopefully that's one less expense soon.

Now we just need to stop DD2 getting naked at night and soaking everything...

Troubledjo Thu 09-May-13 20:33:09

I think it's normal that they don't ask at first. You just need to get them into the habit of going regularly and then eventually they just start doing it for themselves or asking.

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