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Day 2 help??

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Willow89 Sun 05-May-13 12:07:49

So I'm on day2 of potty training DS age 2.7. Yesterday was great we had loads of wees and even a poo in the potty, I think this was because he was sitting on the potty for long periods watching the tv. Now today I'm trying to get him to be more independent with it. But he is refusing to sit on it at all unless the tv is on and then he will happily sit for ages. I want to make him realise he only needs to sit when he needs to go. We've had no pees in the potty today, but no accidents either! Is this all normal? I'm very stressed out here and feel on the verge of tears!

mikkii Sun 05-May-13 12:14:20

Congratulations, my DD2 is on day 3 at 2.6 I prefer the toilet as I hate cleaning potties. Do you have a downstairs loo? that way, going to the loo would encourage quick performance to return to activities? Yesterday I warned dd that we were going out and EVERYONE would have a wee first. This works for us. Also keeping stuff ready as yesterday's only accident was due to putting on seat/ stool and she couldn't wait.

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