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Am I scarring her for life?

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heusher1805 Fri 03-May-13 20:54:35

Day 2 and we've had some success, 2 coincidental wees on the potty just based on yesterday's timings if accidents. However every time I try to get dd to sit on the potty she has an absolute meltdown. Sobs and sobs until she's actually on the potty but then calms down once she's there. My worry is that if I continue to push it she will develop a fear if the potty & will never ask to use it.
She's 2.2, has been asking to wear pants. Occasionally asked to sit on the potty and never shuts up about wee & poo until yesterday...
Any thoughts anyone?

girliefriend Fri 03-May-13 21:00:29

Have you got a trainer seat for the toilet?

My dd hated the potty (I think they are quite uncomfortable to sit on!) but was much happier to sit on the toilet.

Are you just reminding her to use the potty or telling her? Really she should only be sitting on it when she wants to go so telling her when to go sort of misses the point iyswim?!

Also although accidents are a pain for you they are part of the learning for dd so let her take the lead a bit more would be my advice!!

mum23girlys Fri 03-May-13 21:04:08

I don't really have any advice but you aren't alone. DD3 is 2.5 and exactly the same. I've held off on the potty training as I was worried that I would be setting her back by pushing her to sit on the potty when it upsets her so much. My other 2 dds were potty trained at around 2.7 but were definately ready. I think possibly if it's upsetting your dd so much I'd leave it another month or so and try again. Maybe just leave the potty out where she can see it but don't force the issue. My dd wants to wear pants and doesn't have accidents in them (will stay dry for a couple of hours no problems) but does ask for her nappy back on when she needs a wee. If I try the toilet or potty she just freaks out. She will sit quite happily on both with a nappy and trousers on.

Will watch thread with interest for advice

heusher1805 Sat 04-May-13 19:53:43

Thanks ladies. Turns out dd is poorly and was obviously feeling rotten yesterday; hence meltdowns. We've abandoned for now and will try agin when she's back on top form.

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