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given up potty training, how long should I wait til I try again ?

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jazzy57uk Fri 03-May-13 08:57:45

my DS is 6wks away from his 3rd birthday and I started potty trIning him 2 weeks ago. To begin with I sat him on the potty every 30 mins and he weed successfully. After several days I started to leave him longer and let him decide when to sit on the potty and the accidents began. During week 2 he was still in nappies when we left the house as I didn't feel either of us was ready for 'pants when out' but some days he was in nappies ALL day (a 40 min school run, supermarket shop, pre school, school run etc). So then i bit the bullet and went for pants all day with lots of asking if he wanted the potty. some wees went in but the poos were all in the pants and they were MESSY!! it was all over his legs and clothes, I had to shower him each time, there was shouting and tears. After 3 days of this I went back to nappies, the stress levels for both of us have dropped and he hasn't even noticed. I genuinely think he was not recognising when he needed to go but how long should I now wait before trying again?

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