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major potty regression

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jmjam Thu 02-May-13 19:53:09

Hi there, I feel I am at my wits end and don't know what to do. My 3 year old (4 on 31/7) just doesn't seem able to do his wee's in the toilet anymore. He was 'trained' back in December '11 and everything went well, with him wearing pants and being consistently dry in the day after about a month. We then moved house in the April, new pre school, husbands new job means he's away more and I gave birth to his little sister in the July. And ever since things have gradually gone down hill. We may have an odd week where he miraculously manages to stay dry but it doesn't last long and we are back to 6/7 pairs of pants and trousers a day. I have done so many different reward systems I truly think he doesn't care about what he may get. He starts school in September and I am really worried about him not being dry by then. I am looking for the magic answer if anyone out there has it please?!

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