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aargh, happy to go in house, holds on elsewhere abd doesn't say she needs until she's got wet pants

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thedicewoman Wed 01-May-13 23:26:15

just that really! my DD (2.9) has been training for just over a month. when we are at home she only really has accidents when she's too busy doing other things, and frequently just goes and does the toilet by herself unprompted, but when we are out and about it's a different story. even when I can see that she is desperate to go she'll say she doesn't, then she ends up wetting herself a little bit before she'll then say she needs.

however, even then she is starting to get herself in a bit of a state about going on any other toilet than the one at home, although once I actually manage to get her onto the toilet she invariably does her wee and is quite delighted with herself.

so my problem is really that the refusal to go just isn't consistent, and the fact that she's pleased with herself after suggests she's ok with going, but it's becoming really stressful going out anywhere and I'm not sure what to do. I've tried treats as rewards for even just sitting on " strange" toilets which worked initially, and I'm now trying a reward chart for dry pants which doesn't seem too successful.

should I just totally back off and not even pass comment on the wet pants? she incidentally doesn't care about being wet...

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