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DS wants to start - best approach?

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omama Mon 29-Apr-13 23:03:00

We attempted pt'ing ds just after he turned 2 but he got very upset & clearly wasn't ready.

He is now 2.8 & for a while i've suspected he's ready. At nursery today he asked to use the potty so they let him, he didn't produce but i'm pleased all the same as he's not wanted to sit on it at all since our last attempt. He also sat on it at home before bed.

So....I think i'm going to start but not really quite sure what to do! So i have some questions!

How did you do it? Did you pop them straight into pants from the outset & wait for them to tell you they needed to go? Or did you routinely put them on the potty every 30mins in the hopes of catching something? In which case how long do you have them sit for?

Did you offer a reward?

If they start to have an accident do you try to get them to the potty before they finish, & if so how do you rush them there without freaking them out?! This was a problem last time - i never made an issue out of it but possibly my excited squeals of 'ooh you're doing a wee wee lets get to the potty quickly!' was too much?!

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