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Night time dryness......

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mrsslc Sat 27-Apr-13 12:15:15

My little girl has been toilet trained in the day since just before she was two ( her choice!) she's now 4 1/2 and still isn't dry at night. If we take her to the toilet when we go to bed ourselves ( she doesn't really wake up to do this) she will be dry 9 times out of ten. But if we don't do this she wets the bed.
I'm thinking this means she's not actually ready to be dry at nighttime ? I don't mind takin her to the toilet when I go up to bed, I'm just worrying I'm wasting my time as she should be dry by herself if she was actually ready?

nextphase Sat 27-Apr-13 18:50:02

Night dryness isn't an issue til they are gone 7.
My oldest just decided one night, and yes, we had a few wet beds, but now he's completely dry. The advice about lifting( taking to the toilet when you go to bed) seems to regularly change, from do it to don't bother.
I'd leave it for a bit, and see what happens.

mrsslc Sun 28-Apr-13 07:50:36

Thank you, I think I will leave her a bit longer smile

BrienneOfTarth Wed 08-May-13 07:34:17

My DS - age 3y10m - is completely toilet trained in the day but up till 2 days ago has been still in pullups at night. We've been talking about how grownups don't wear pullups at night and big boys don't either, and at the weekend we talked about this more extensively and explained how grownups and big boys get up and use the loo if they need a wee in the night, and asked whether he would like to try this. So the last 2 nights we have put him to bed without a pullup, reminded him he needs to get up and go to the bathroom if he needs a wee, and left it at that. Both mornings the bed and his PJs are soaking. Obviously being non-judgemental about this but trying to work out whether it's just too early to try this. I asked him if he made the wee while he was asleep or whether he woke up and then made the wee in the bed, and he says he woke up and then made the wee - I'm assuming this means he could get to the loo but is just used to not having too. Am I expecting too much?

JeremyPiven Wed 08-May-13 07:48:09

Watching for advice

pinkbear82 Wed 08-May-13 08:04:44

I think it's trial and error ladies. a fab alternative to the pull ups are the bed mats you can get - you can put them over or under the sheet and just whip those away without having to worry about a wet mattress - and still reinforces the grown up part of no pull ups.
another thing I found really helped was sending up for a wee a little before bed and then making go again before getting into bed. it's amazing how much little bladders hold!!

good luck, and it will suddenly resolve, just like potty training - clicks into place and all is good.

BrienneOfTarth Wed 08-May-13 23:15:10

So how many nights of wetness is it reasonable to persevere through before shrugging and going back to pullups?
Or should we persevere now until he's dry however long that takes?

mumto3crazykids Thu 09-May-13 00:22:33

Yep - go with the brolly sheet (you can get them online) I would give it a couple of weeks and if you are getting no dry nights, if they are happy to, put them back in a nappy for a little while, and try again in a month or so. I make my son go for a wee before bed, and then I get him up when I go to bed for another wee.

pinkbear82 Thu 09-May-13 08:51:55

It really does depend - with DSD we kept going until suddenly one night she was dry - made a big fuss over doing so well. Had a few good nights and then a wet one, reassured her that she could do it, she'd shown that. And carried on.

Now she's dry 99% of the time - but trust me it felt like forever getting there!!! Good luck

BrienneOfTarth Thu 09-May-13 23:19:52

Hmmm - I had assumed that the wetting was happening in the small hours of the morning, but this evening at around 9pm I checked his bed and found him soaking wet, so it seems the wetting is happening early on in the night. He is does use the loo just before sleep just after 7pm, but his bladder seems to have been overwhelmed barely 2 hours later. I'm really surprised as he often goes much longer than this between loo visits in the day time. Could he be not actually empying his bladder at that last wee? Could he be choosing not to be dry?

Mum2ZnL Sat 11-May-13 00:33:10

HI, my son is 5. He's still not dry at night. He went without pull-ups for 10 nights last summer, but after 10 mornings of wet beds (despite him not drinking after 6, using the toilet before bed & being lifted when I went to bed) we gave up and went back to pull-ups. Now the weather was getting better we decided to try again.....and a week later we still have not had one dry night. How long is reasonable before we give up again? Or do we just keep going. has anyone had any luck with reward charts or have any other ideas? Thanks x

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