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Pants or pull ups to start potty training.

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milkyjo Fri 26-Apr-13 14:27:11

I am after some advice to start potty training DS who is 2.5. Dr Green recommends wearing pull ups and looking for cues and then sitting toddler on the potty. My DS hates having his nappy changed and will quite happily wear a sodden nappy for 24 hours if I let him. So surely he will just wee in the pull ups and not feel uncomfortable enough to prompt him to ask for the potty next time? Should we just go for normal pants and wait for the accidents so then he will feel uncomfortable and maybe the next few times ask for the potty? Also is it a hinderance that he will happily sit on the potty but has never actually produced anything? Should we wait to start training until he has done this? Thanks in advance.

TimothyClaypoleLover Fri 26-Apr-13 14:32:32

I bought pull ups for my DD and it was a complete waste of time as she just used them as if they were a nappy. I just removed her nappy when she indicated she wanted to do a wee. Its hardly much difference taking a nappy of compared to pull ups.

I encouraged her to tell me when she had a wee and would then sit her on the potty. If nothing is produced that is not a problem as you are just encouraging them to get used to sitting on it.

Cantbelieveitsnotbutter Fri 26-Apr-13 14:44:39

Reusable pull ups, only discovered these at the end of potty training, I'd have saved a fortune!! Best of both then

Cantbelieveitsnotbutter Fri 26-Apr-13 14:44:55

Cloth reusable I mean

OneFingerSjupesUpTheYoni Fri 26-Apr-13 14:46:31

With dd i bought pull ups and we used them to get her used to the 'pulling up'' action as she could already pull down. When we toilet trained we went straight to pants and she was dry day and night within 2 days at 34 months.

Ds is only 17 months but loves being naked, i've bought him pants to wear and when he needs he either grabs a nappy or his potty depending on his mood. I'm not sure what we'll do when he is 'really' toilet training as it involves clothes hmm

milkyjo Fri 26-Apr-13 17:49:25

Thanks. We might try with pull ups to start but if it's not working we'll try pants. Ds still has a nap, would I need to put a nappy/pull ups on if he was wearing pants in the day. Would this be very confusing for him?

kilmuir Fri 26-Apr-13 17:51:19

pull ups just confuse them. They often get dry at night later on. Thats a hormonal thing rather than a taught thing

ohforfoxsake Fri 26-Apr-13 17:54:59

I used pants. Bought lots from Primark and binned the ones which werent easy to clean after accidents.

ohforfoxsake Fri 26-Apr-13 17:55:27

And pull ups for sleeping.

littleducks Fri 26-Apr-13 17:56:02

Pants. Lots of cheap pants. I had one pair if cloth pull ups for when we went to playgrouo or anywhere I wouldn't want a puddle. They were good, contained it briefly but they still knew they had wet themselves.

nextphase Fri 26-Apr-13 18:08:03

Cheep pants, and bin the horrible poo-y ones (some are savable, some are just grim).
Pull-ups are the biggest waste of money. They don't hold enough wee for overnight, so just leak over the bed. Maybe would be OK for naps, if you want pants, pullups and nappies for night time!

Wait til we get some decent weather, and take the potty into the garden with a half naked child!

ChoudeBruxelles Fri 26-Apr-13 18:08:56

Pants - or else they don't get the idea that they get wet when they wee

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