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When is a child potty 'trained' as opposed to 'training'

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BowlFullofJelly Thu 25-Apr-13 15:25:54

Just that - slightly pointless question but am interested as to when you say you have successfully potty trained a child.

Started with DS, 2.3, just under 4 weeks ago. He pretty much has no accidents now - we still remind him a lot to go, and have set times like after breakfast, before dinner where we tell him to go for a squeeze. He is also telling me when he needs a wee or a poo, and is able to hold it for a short time if we are in the car or similar.

Having said that, we were out all day last Saturday and he wet himself 3 times (shortly after being asked by us if he needed it - almost seemed to be on purpose hmm. Since then no accidents.

So is he potty trained, or are we still potty training confused.

LeChatRouge Thu 25-Apr-13 18:58:50

I am trying to remember. I guess it's when you have no more accidents and they are able to communicate every time they need to go to you?

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