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getting prepared to begin potty training ... where to start??

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rockyroadahead Tue 23-Apr-13 10:15:05

ds is 2.6yrs we feel he is more than ready for potty training, he has been using a potty before bed time for around 6 months and aks to use the potty or big toilet from time to time through out the day but i have been waiting for the warmer weather to begin.

i have stocked up on pottys all over the house and got a porter potty and toilet seat ... so we are pretty much good to go!

but i am worried about how and when to start .. should i wai until the holidays when he is not at scool to begin or continue with his usual routine ?

should i combine sitting on the big toilet with sitting on his pottys as he is quite keen to use the big toilet but i worry we wont always make it upstairs at first ?

and should i use pull up nappys or fabric pants straight away or is there something in between that may be better ?

lots of questions all advice and pst experiences would be much appreciated ....

Bearcrumble Tue 23-Apr-13 21:36:09

Fabric, normal pants.

Put him on potty (or loo, doesn't matter) every half hour for first three days at least.

Give him choc buttons and do a dance of joy every poo or wee.

Expect accidents. Especially poo accidents.

If you are having another baby anytime soon leave training him until at least 3 months after baby arrives or he will regress.

After three days sit him hourly (when able - if out and about will have to be longer. Always take three changes of clothes out.

Soon he will be taking himself or telling you and you'll be surprised at how long he goes between wees - you may have to end up telling him to wee. They should go about every three hours.

Shoes - Croc type things don't absorb wee like leather shoes/socks.

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