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Potty Training - Whats the best approach?

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HSmithy Sat 20-Apr-13 21:54:03

Iv got a daughter who is 2 and a half, she know what the potty is for and understands how to use it, we also have a toilet set adapter however she isnt keen on that. Iv been trying to potty train for ages but she used to get upset so i didnt force it on her. The past week however has been amazing and shes really getting the hang of it, no poos yet but im still very pleased!! Im just not sure how to go about it now though? She has knickers on when at home and although she has accidents from time to time so does usually have wees ok but im puttin her in a nappy when shes sleeping or were going out and im unsure of what i should do next to move her along?? Any advise? X

notso Sat 20-Apr-13 22:16:55

I would say you need to ditch the nappies during the day I think switching between the two could give her mixed messages. If you can plan a week of staying close to home and really concentrate on reminding her to go with lots of praise/stickers/treats when she does.

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