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Potty training only successful when naked

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malibulucy Wed 17-Apr-13 01:46:19

My son is just 2 and we started potty training about 3weeks ago. He wees and poos on the potty pretty much every time without me prompting. The second he has pants on he never uses the potty and wets constantly. Can't keep him naked forever is it worth sticking at it or waiting? Seems a shame to go backwards?

HSmithy Mon 22-Apr-13 20:59:34

Thats brilliant that he is doing so well with his potty training! My daughter is 2.5 and she had just mastered it now. She used to be the same when she had clothes on but shes ok now. Is he able to pull his pants up and down by himself? Also i would definately stick with you need to be persisant and hopefulyl he will not like being wet and get the hang of it!! Good luck! X

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